Blender names Apple CEO Steve Jobs most influential person in online music industry

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been “crowned the undisputed king of the online music revolution by U.S. music magazine Blender, topping a list of the 25 most influential people in Web music,” Reuters reports.

“The magazine’s ‘Powergeek 25’ list was compiled to show the behind-scenes-players reshaping the way people listen to, buy and watch music,” Reuters reports.

“‘Music fans spend much of their day, if not their life, sitting in front of their computer, discovering and downloading music,’ Blender’s editor-in-chief Craig Marks said in a statement,” Reuters reports. “‘Today’s power brokers no longer work in the steel-and-glass towers of the traditional record business; instead, they’re tech geeks, bedroom bloggers and Silicon Valley visionaries.'”

“He said Jobs, who co-founded Apple Inc. and is chief executive of the company, had proved to be a technology trendsetter,” Reuters reports.

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  1. From the Blender article:
    “Steve Jobs isn’t just the most powerful person in Internet music, he’s the most powerful person in the music business, period.”

    Now that’s statement!

  2. The power comes from the people…..We the people have deemed that he has earned the power by demonstrating that he acts on behalf of our interests and therefor by default, the interest of the music creators.

    Hail oh Mr. Jobs!
    Hail oh Mr. Ives!
    Hail oh Mr. Gore!
    Hail all people on the Apple board who have four letters in their surname!! Mr

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