Etelos announces CRM for Apple iPhone; Run your business from your iPhone

Etelos announces a new way for people to access their Customer Relationship Management System – through their Apple iPhone.

“Etelos CRM works great on the iPhone” Etelos CEO Danny Kolke said in the press release. “It allows you to get access to your tasks, projects, appointments or any of your other business processes while you’re away from the office. It’s almost as good as carrying a laptop.”

The Etelos CRM suite gives users contact, task, group, sales and project management, as well as group messaging and reporting functionality in one easy-to-use interface that is now compatible with the iPhone’s Safari Web browser.

CRM for iPhone is seamlessly integrated with Etelos CRM, which can already be run in Google Apps, Netvibes, Windows Live and Pageflakes.

The iPhone edition is available to Etelos CRM Professional, Enterprise and Developer edition customers immediately. A 24-hour test drive is available to iPhone owners at

More than 4,000 businesses have signed up for the existing versions of Etelos CRM. Existing users will be able to access their traditional CRM tools while away from their computer. Note taking, appointment setting and contact management are all easy to use and simple to navigate with Etelos CRM for iPhone.

Etelos CRM for iPhone was designed to offer businesses flexibility and functionality on their iPhone’s Safari Web Browser. Combining powerful functionality such as project management, call logging, appointment management, in-depth reporting and more with easily customizable AJAX-enabled functionality, Etelos CRM for iPhone gives businesses of any size the ability to manage their all of their business processes together. Scalable and easy to customize, Etelos CRM for iPhone helps businesses improve and easily manage their business using the web.

Etelos provides Open Source, Customizable Web 2.0 applications on the hosting environment that you choose. The Etelos patented technology for developing and deploying on-demand Applications is revolutionizing the world of software distribution. On the Etelos Store, developers can sell applications, businesses can try applications and Internet service providers can offer hosting services; in one Ecosystem with all the features of software as a service (SaaS) and all the flexibility of custom development.

Obviously, some people and companies don’t give a crap what IDC and Gartner advise.


  1. While a respect Apple’s decision to keep the iPhone’s OS closed to developers the moment, it seems to me that Apple is missing an oppourtunity to invite hunders of new software developers into the OSX fold. Seems that companines such as this, if given the oppourtunity to actually develope app’s for the phone, would like port their software over to OS X as well. Hopefully, Apple has a plan to capitalize on this.

  2. @ Ken,

    If it runs in Safari on iPhone, why wouldn’t it run in Safari on Mac? Why do they need to “port” at all.

    I have a feeling this Steve’s “Safari is the SDK” idea is going to turn out to be pure genius. There’s no way that Etelos and NetSuite (see post from yesterday) could have written custom apps for iPhone as quickly, and they probably would have felt less compelled to do so. In this case, it’s just a matter of making your existing web apps play nice in Safari, which is hardly a challenge.

  3. Yes, give Apple time to develop the platform. It will choose the best solution for iPhone users- I truly hope.

    Now, the secret is Safari, it needs much more support on the business side. This will start the tide to turn in support of it and as more is developed, more is will be accepted.

    I look forward to the day that IE is just another browser and not the default standard. Then we can play equals.

  4. @Woody

    Actually Apple has released a Safari only implementation for javascript for using the power of OSX’s libraries.

    one is quartz, which companies like Adobe could build a mini PhotShop program, but instead they complain.

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