Apple shares hit new all-time closing high – again

Shares of Apple Inc. [AAPL] today gained $1.6799, or 1.27%, to set a new all-time closing high of $134.0699 per share on volume of 25,052,609.

Apple’s previous 52-Week and All-Time High closing high was $132.39 set yesterday. AAPL’s all-time intraday high was set July 10, 2007 at $134.50.

Apple’s 52 Week Low stands at $50.16, set on July 14, 2006.

Apple’s market value currently stands at $115,963,491,865.20.

AAPL quote via NASDAQ here.

MacDailyNews Note: “I am putting a sell on Apple, the company that created the iPhone,” Laura Goldman, investment advisor, LSG Capital, May 21, 2007. AAPL closed at $111.98 that day.


  1. A stock market analyst walks into a pizzeria to order a pizza.
    When the pizza is done, he goes up to the counter to get it.
    The clerk asks him:
    “Should I cut it into six pieces or eight pieces?”
    The analyst replies: “I’m really hungry. You’d better cut it into eight pieces.”

  2. Go ahead, Truthbearer. I dare you to short this stock. Lots of shorts have lost their asses on calls because they can’t cover the dumb move. If you are a player, put your money where your mouth is. If not, shut the hell up. You obviously don’t know crap about the market or you would not be going off right now.

    Oh, and in case you asked, I’m in at $17 average for my shares, and I have a helluva lot of them!

  3. @ Truthbearer. I like my Zen-quiet iPhone, thanks. Is there a reason this couldn’t be fixed in a software update? Seems that others have mentioned that all the ringtones are too quiet, except for the “Old Phone” one. If that one’s loud enough, then why recall the phones when a software update with new ringtones could fix the problem. Besides, I bet more ringtone options are coming sooner rather than later.

    @ MDN: I think, given the frequency of her name being mentioned, you should add “Laura Goldman” to the magic word list. Then again, maybe it woudn’t be a good idea to have a <a hre=””>convicted criminal</a> in the list.

  4. BTW Truthbearer, there are 500 total posts to the iPhone discussions with the word “Volume”. That includes responses, followups and dumbass comments like yours. Do you happen to know how many MILLION iPhones were sold in the first day alone? If you can do math of that kind, try figuring out the ration of complaints to phones is. Oh, you are from Atlanta. Never mind.

  5. @The Truthbearer

    Man (or woman), you just don’t get it, do you? Adjusting the pre-set volume parameters on the iPhone will be as difficult (NOT!) as it is getting around the same restrictions on the iPod!

    The fix (if, indeed, one is required) lies in SOFTWARE, you dolt, not a systemwide recall! Don’t believe me?

    Go here:

    And the next time you think of posting one of your ill-informed opinions, stuff it up your a** first. Your equity advice are clearly Zune/Turd like!

  6. @truthbearer

    Don’t hold your breath, mine works great and I seem to get a crowd of people around me when I use it. Nearly all say they want one – just need to save their money.

    1/3 of those polled plan to get one.

    I know people who paid $175 to get out of their old contract.

    The only problem seems to be AT&T service issues due to large numbers of new subscribers.

    Look for the stock to top $150 before Leopard is released and $200 for macworld in january.

    Check out the chart.

    Apple is currently the 3rd best performer on the market over the last 5 years – It will be number 1 soon.

    Apple is doing everything right at a time when their competition can’t seem to get anything right on multiple fronts. This is (and has been for years) the stock to hold to build wealth!

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