See Apple Store iPhone availability at a glance via live map

“Today, 89 Apple stores — still a majority — have iPhones in stock, but 37 of those stores with stocks today are different ones than they were yesterday. Said another way, each store seems to be having a regular cycle of selling out and getting resupplied,” Carl Howe reports for Blackfriars’ Marketing.

“We theorize that Apple is trying to spread its limited manufacturing capacity around the country in fairly equal measure. Our proof? After being out of stock of iPhones since the launch day almost two weeks ago, the two stores in Hawaii now have iPhones in stock,” Howe reports.

Blackfriars’ has created a very nice live map that shows iPhone availability at US Apple Retail Stores at a glance.

See the Apple Store iPhone Availability Map here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jennifer” for the heads up.]


  1. Very nice map indeed, were it not for the large number of people — mostly men — with varying degrees of classic red/green colorblindness. For them (which includes me), this map is completely useless.

  2. That is odd…there is a marker in British Colombia (Canada)…although it is red (out of iPhones).

    To my knowledge, the iPhone hasn’t been released in Canada yet. Even more odd…when you click on it, it says Sapporo.

    Somebody at Blackfriars needs a geography lesson!

  3. If you take a close look at the map linked to above, one thing is clear to me: the most critical big-city locations are getting the most generous supply of iPhones, and smaller cities and, if you will forgive me, second-tier markets are getting smaller allocations. Call it elitist if you will, but it’s in Apple’s interest to get the early batches of iPhones into the hands of people, especially celebrities and VIPs, in cities that will generate media buzz and visibility. So, if you look at the map, you’ll see that cities like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami all have available stock in the major Apple Stores, while smaller locations in Virginia, Minnesota, Delaware, etc., may currently be out of stock.

    It’s just an observation. I’m sure this will change soon, but for the moment, that’s the reality of things. Look for photos of celebrities in the tabloids with their iPhones soon, if you haven’t already. That’s how a zeitgeist gets born.

    Oh, and that “will it blend” video link in the post above is hilarious!

  4. So, if this was posted this afternoon, and the map is updated as of “8:45 a.m.” today,, and there’s supposedly stock, then why do all teh markers look red to me? Everywhere. Not a green one at all.

    I do like seeing where Apple’s stores are geographically. I think Ohio needs more, though.

  5. LOL Helio set up its own compare chart with the iPhone

    We’re glad the AT&T iPhone is finally here. After all, how else would we be able to show off some of the Ocean’s coolest features without comparing it to another one of the planet’s most innovative devices? Ocean meet iPhone. iPhone, meet Ocean.

  6. wow! look at that ocean phone! forget the iPhone i am buying that! craptastic interface, sliding moving parts, tiny buttons for typing that i can’t get to without making the phone pose as a transformer, and a huge 200mb memory!

    plus, it supports usb external devices, so i can carry around a terrabyte drive and power supply!


  7. yeah SUPER biased, lol i found it amusing that they neglected (as you said buster) the screen sizes, operating systems, internal memory, wifi, ect. ect. they even have a link to send the comparison to your freinds =P losers lol

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