Comprehensive Ars Technica review awards Apple iPhone score of 8 out of 10

“Some think that the hype surrounding the Apple iPhone started in January of 2007, but that’s not true. The hype started many years ago, perhaps before creating such a device was even a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye. After so many years of rumors about the mythical iPhone, so many fake (or scrapped?) mockups, so many fake (or scrapped) names, and a brief experiment with the now-failed Motorola ROKR, Apple finally went ahead and launched the device that Apple fans have been craving since the beginning of time—or at least since Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 and killed off the Newton,” Jacqui Cheng, Clint Ecker, and Ken Fisher report for Ars Technica.

“And of course, to do something simultaneously predictable and shocking, the company called the device by its long-rumored, but never-quite-accepted nickname, the ‘iPhone.’ The iPhone is now out and promises to revolutionize the way we use our phones forever. You don’t have to love it; you don’t even have to like it. You will, however, be witness to a great upheaval in the mobile communications business because of it,” Cheng, Ecker, and Fisher report.

Read Ars Technica’s massive, comprehensive review of Apple’s iPhone, which they award a score of “a big, juicy 8” out of 10, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeff” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m impressed with this review. 15 pages, many with video. Too bad they tortured the iPhone to death in the end with the stress tests. RIP.

    Did Ars ever do as much of a review with any other smartphone?

  2. I kinda figure it’s like this. The iPhone takes advantage of the 80/20 rule in spades.

    20% of the people out there use 80% of the functions of their cell phones.

    80% of the people out there use 20% of the functions of their cell phones.

    I mean the Nokia n95 has TV OUT. TV OUT?? Most people have this on their computers and iPods and don’t use it.

    The iPhone does the 20% better than any other device ever has. Much much better. So 80% of the people are going to be highly satisfied while only 20% of us geek nerd types are going to b&tch; and moan about the lack of capabilities.

    While everyone (read RIM) is talking about how Apple has screwed At&t, I firmly believe that AT&T is responsible for lots of the functionality I want missing…

    I bet the lack of iChat and Skype for instance is an AT&T thing. The lack of using your iTunes music for Ring tones is an AT&T decision, and so on.

    As a demonstration of how screwed up most phones are, over the past few days I’ve worked with about 15 or so people helping them to get their contacts off their old phones and into their iPhones.

    Once they were firmly in the iPhone they no longer needed help.

    iPhone rules in this respect.

  3. Like ChrissyOne says, The iPhone “does what I want it to do.”

    I agree, but yeesh, come on…

    Can’t we have Cut, Copy, and Paste? Is that too “geeky?”

    I’m not asking for holographic projections of GPS data here.

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