Apple delivered on promise of iPhone


“My wife, Lynn, two sons and I were driving back from the fantastic St. Edward State Park in Kenmore last Sunday, with Lynn riding shotgun and using my new iPhone and its Google Maps feature to check highway conditions as we headed around the top of the lake. We were trying to choose between I-5 and Lake City Way to get home,” Glenn Fleishman reports for The Seattle Times

“At a stoplight, as Lynn waited for the map to load, a driver in the car to our right gestured to her. We figured we’d left the gas-tank door ajar at the filling station we had just left,” Fleishman reports.

“When Lynn rolled down her window, he asked instead, “Is that an iPhone?” Sure, and we have some Grey Poupon in our Subaru’s glove compartment, too. The fellow was considering buying an iPhone and wondered if I liked it. I gave him a thumbs up,” Fleishman reports.

“All the marketing power in the world couldn’t lead people to be so intensely interested in the iPhone and to want one in spite of themselves. This desire comes from the simple idea that Apple has been lightly spreading for six months: It said it could deliver a phone as elegant and superb as the iPod. And it did,” Fleishman reports.

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  1. The “marketing” for the iPhone, includes the iPod itself, which has sold over 100 million worldwide.

    Without the iPod, people wouldn’t be as intensely interested in the iPhone. People are naturally skeptical, having been let down so many times in the past. Apple is doing something phenomenal here, they are breaking past people’s cynicism and making people believe in the promise that technology doesn’t have to be hard or painful to use.

    Once Apple breaks that barrier down, they create not just customers, but fans.

    This process, once it reaches a critical mass, feeds on itself and creates its own momentum.

    Microsoft better watch out.

  2. @ MikeR

    Thanks for that! I’ve just had to quaff a slug of Camel’s Milk at the thought of Grey Poupon being announced in the same breathe as a n iphone!

    I read the complete article and find his argument for and against the iphone like riding a storm in a dingy! One moment it is a poor phone, the next it makes high quality calls, its email is abysmall but it still outshines other phones mail applications!

    My nerves are now steady as the Camel’s Milk is beginning to kick in!

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