RUMOR: Apple to debut new, thin, brushed aluminum iMac in August

“Apple’s next iMac revision is currently tracking for release in August,” Think Secret reports.

“The iMac, which will be based on similar internals as the recent MacBook Pro revision, will sport a brushed aluminum enclosure and will measure just two inches thick,” Think Secret reports.

“The upcoming iMac revision will debut only in 20- and 24-inch varieties, with 17-inch model set to disappear. Speeds will top out at 2.4GHz [Santa Rosa],” Think Secret reports.

Full article here.


  1. With such a big shift towards laptops it is not surprising that Apple are taking longer to update their desktops.

    The iMacs could eventually evolve into smart HD TVs. The size of the screens could easily increase to 30 inches or more. With the front row or AppleTV interface it could be a perfect TV for the bedroom, whilst providing for access to the internet as well as home office needs.

    I’m sure Apple are already thinking 2-3 steps ahead. Just like a good chess player.

  2. LOL!

    I cant see Apple making this if its thicker than the current Imac.

    Apple is about reducing size not increasing it.

    If they are doing an Imac update it will be thinner and certainly not brushes metal as white is the consumer colour for Apple’s hardware, wheras the metal finish is for its pro line of machines.

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