Macworld Expo iPhone keynote Steve Jobs’ best presentation ever?

“Leave it to Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs to create a frenzy that gripped every gadget fan in the country. The hype, however, started with what I consider Jobs’ best presentation to date—the introduction of the iPhone at the annual Macworld trade show in January,” Carmine Gallo writes for BusinessWeek. (Carmine Gallo is a Pleasanton, Calif. communications coach and author).

Gallo writes, “After watching and analyzing the presentation, I thought about five ways to distill Jobs’ speaking techniques to help anyone craft and deliver a persuasive pitch.”

1. Build tension
2. Stick to one theme per slide
3. Add pizzazz to your delivery
4. Practice
5. Be honest and show enthusiasm

Full article here.
‘Tis a pity how quickly Carmine has forgotten Jobs’ iPod Hi-Fi unveiling.


  1. 5. Honesty

    Someone with excellent command of the English language, please explain the following sentence to me (English as a 2nd language):

    “iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone.”

    Does it mean that in 2012 Nokia, Motorola, LG etc will finally launch a camera with 320×480 LCD multi-touch screen, EDGE, 2 MP camera, 8 hour talk time, leaving out GPS, video recording etc and all the stuff that doesn’t now exist even in our wildest dreams but will be developed during the next five years.

    When 3G and GPS are added to next iteration of iPhone, how many years will it then be literally ahead of any other mobile phone? My guess is literally 8 or 9 years. What is your opinion?

  2. As somebody with a phone that has GPS, I say it matters, I love that feature. Other than answering a call, it is the only other thing I use it for (except as a paperweight once in a while).

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