Piper Jaffray estimates 500,000 iPhones sold in first weekend

“Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster released a report Sunday night estimating that Apple sold about 500,000 [iPhone] units,” Tom Krazit blogs for CNET.

“Despite low supply at AT&T stores and activation issues, it appears that the iPhone era at Apple got off to a good start. Piper Jaffray said Apple had iPhones available in each one of its stores on Saturday, and in 84 percent of its stores Sunday,” Krazit reports.

Piper surveyed 253 people iPhone buyers in San Francisco, New York and Minneapolis and found that 95% purchased the 8GB iPhone and about half were new customers for AT&T, according to the report.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dion” for the heads up.]


  1. So the “analysts” are just taking a wild guess?

    My 10 year old could have told me that.

    And if Apple sells slightly below that for the weekend it will be doomed a failure because it did meet “analyst’s” expectations.

    What other cell phone sold that many in one weekend?

  2. I’m not buying these numbers. I would bet at least a million over the three-day weekend. I bet will hear something to this effect from Cupertino shortly. The one thing everyone seems to be discounting are the legions of buyers on the web who have no problem waiting 2 weeks to get their phone. These orders have been happening for about 62 hours and counting. And remember, 1 million iPhones is roughly a half billion in new sales. Crazy.

  3. Everyone from analysts, tech experts, pundits, journalists, bloggers will have different takes/spins on this. Each one trying to advance their own agendas. Get used to it.

    It’s a success as far as I’m concerned. I’m loving this gadget already.

  4. Regardless of the astonishing success of the iPhone’s first weekend, expect a stock price pull-back today. ANY bad news always drives AAPL down, so watch what the Universal Music Group announcement does.

    As usual, however, those who hold and remain “long” will triumph, I believe.

  5. 95% of consumers buying the more expensive iPhone. Yet so many naysayer analysts complaining that its too expensive.

    Do analysts know anything about consumers? Or have they just been paid off to regurgitate FUD?

  6. Don’t think the FUD machine is over. This phone is a HUGE threat to many different companies. FUD will now spew in attempts to curb any more sales. People with defective units are going to be brought to the front of the line and heralded as examples of “what happens when” you buy Apple’s expensive phone.

    This is a cutthroat business and the livelihood of many is being threatened if this phone makes it big. When desperate, people resort to some nasty things.

    Expect a sh*tstorm of FUD. And, if you have one, let everyone know how much you love it. Be realistic. Be generous and show it to them (like that’ll be so hard to do) and counter the storm.

    If this phone is as big as iPod (or bigger), it will be a huge nail in M$’s coffin, though I don’t think they see that yet.

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