Goldman Sachs analyst pegs Apple iPhone sales at up to 700,000 units in first weekend

“Apple Inc.’s initial iPhone sales may have beat analysts’ top projections, suggesting Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs will reach his goal of making mobile phones as profitable to the company as computers and the iPod,” The Contra Costa Times reports.

“Shoppers may have bought as many as 700,000 units over the weekend, Goldman Sachs Inc. analyst David Bailey said, twice his projection of 350,000. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster pegged sales at a bout 500,000, more than twice his original 200,000 estimate,” The Contra Costa Times reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dion” for the heads up.]


  1. i don’t think we will see any numbers from apple for a while; why let your competitors know exactly what is going on? let their imagination run wild, causing nightmares. what’s that? their competitors have proven they don’t have any imagination? oh, yeah, well, keep ’em guessing anyway.

  2. “Every time an iPhone is sold, an office chair dies.”


    I think Apple is not releasing numbers because they are close to 1 Mil and they want to wait until then.

  3. I was actually surprised at how easy it is to type with 2 index fingers on the iPhone. These people complaining about it are trying to type with the crappy, carpal tunnel-inducing, two thumb technique of the crackberry fools. Type like a normal freakin’ person and it will work. Then, stop your bitchin’!!!

  4. Way to go Apple. One thing to note the iPhone sales are actual sales to the user, unlike Microsoft when they post sales for the Zune or Vista that sales figure is to the supply house not the actual customer.

  5. Averaging the cost of the two iPhone models, that puts weekend revenue from the iPhone only at $385M! That’s 8.8% of Apple Inc’s Revenue from last year’s quarter that ended on 07-Jul-2006. Very impressive.

  6. Analyst A = 200K
    Analyst B = 500K
    Analyst C = 700K

    This is so ridiculous; these guys don’t even come close of each other’s prediction. Why taking the risk and look stupid … again. Just wait for the bloody Press Release from Apple. Jesus!

  7. i think blackfriars this weekend said somewhere over 500K and as many as 1 million – making it the top estimate i have seen; i also remember reading somewhere an estimate that apple had produced 3 million in the initial production run.

  8. Uh… If I got paid for guessing…. Guess what I’d do…

    Go ahead. I’ll give you three chances. I’m sure you’re smart enough to guess it correctly…

    Now, if you are NOT paid to guess such things, perhaps YOU should wait for the ‘bloody press release’, ok? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />)

  9. So we have estimates anywhere from 200,000 to 700,000, and don’t know if those include online orders or not.

    In other words, we don’t have a clue how many were sold.

    Further, I’m not sure Apple has any interest in shedding further light on this any time soon.

  10. Can’t stand all this iPhone talk!!!!!!!!!

    I want to hold one so bad!!!!, much less buy one, My wife works in guest services at a hotel here in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. She thinks I am nuts, but has promised to ask all incoming guest if they have an iPhone, and has promised to call me to come see the 1st one that arrives, and to butter them up, “champagne and flowers” in their room

  11. Remember that Apple announced recently that they are moving to a “subscription” model for the revenue on both the iPhone and Apple TV, which means that sales revenue for these devices will be spread out and recorded over the next two YEARS. So if Apple sold $300 million worth of iPhones on Friday and Saturday (June 29 and 30), that would in effect count for $12.5 million that “month” and each of the next 23 months.

  12. I do hope Apple releases the weekend figures. The whole world wants to know! This was an event, like the opening of a blockbuster movie, even if it was the launch of just another product. Plus, if Apple does not release the figures in timely fashion, it will give FUDers ammo to suggest that the figures have been a disappointment, and that is why Apple is keeping mum.

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