Analyst: Apple iPhone’s impact will be bigger than Asian handset makers think

“Now that analysts and industry executives are getting their first good look at the iPhone, many here are concerned that Asian manufacturers may have underestimated the Apple threat,” Martin Fackler reports for The New York Times.

“Analysts and executives in South Korea say that the iPhone, with its full-scale Internet browser and distinctive touch screen with colorful icons, is more than just another souped-up cellphone. They fear this Silicon Valley challenger could leap past Asian makers into the age of digital convergence by combining personal computing and mobile technologies as no device has before,” Fackler reports.

“‘Apple’s impact will be bigger than Asian handset makers think,’ said Kim Yoon-ho, an analyst in Seoul at Prudential Securities. ‘The iPhone is different from previous mobile phones. It is the prototype of the future of mobile phones,'” Fackler reports. “The fear now is that Apple may repeat in wireless communications what it accomplished in portable music with the iPod: changing the industry. And just as when the iPod came out six years ago, big Asian manufacturers like Samsung Electronics and Sony could find themselves wondering what hit them, say analysts and industry executives.”

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  1. It’s amazing! When you read this article, the quotes by the Asian manufacturers are almost an identical paraphrase of how they reacted to the ipod. They are going to get slaughtered! Jobs must be in disbelief how short sighted they are.

  2. Aww, gee, thanks. Thank you very much, but seriously, enough already. This is getting a little embarrassing. I’m just here to do a job, so please, buy me and enjoy, but enough of the gushing flattery and praise.

    For now.


  3. It’s amazing what can happen when you let the designers actually design, and keep the bean counters and salesmen (COUGH COUGH BALLMER COUGH) out of the creative process.

  4. From the article:
    “Samsung employees insist, and analysts agree, that Samsung handsets offer better durability and higher performance than the iPhone.”

    How, exactly, do they measure the durability of a product that’s been available for 3 days? As for performance, the last Blackjack owner I talked to said he got only 36 hours standby on a battery charge, which is really, really pathetic.

  5. I tried out the iPhone at King of Prussia Mall on Saturday. It is amazing! The GUI is liquid. It is responsive and fast as hell! The average buyer will shit themselves as they see new features and functions added to it through software upgrades. They aren’t used to that kind of treatment and will be loyal to Apple forever!

    Also, I saw many people there who had bought an iPhone on Friday and were back on Saturday to look at the Macs. A few were making their first Mac purchase ever!

    Tidal wave time! Apple will have 10+% market share in 1 year’s time.

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