Analyst: Apple has potential to become top ‘smartphone’ vendor in 2-3 years

“American Technology Research say the multi-function [iPhone] is likely to become the fastest selling product in Apple’s history, trumping even the iconic iPod nano,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Our sources indicate that iPhone will likely become the fastest selling product in Apple’s history and not to mention likely among the fastest (if not the fastest) in consumer electronics,’ analyst Shaw Wu informed clients in a research report published Monday. ‘We estimate sales of about 250,000 units in two days (up from our previous view of 50,000). The previous fastest seller was iPod nano, which sold about 1 million units in about 17 days meaning, about 59,000 units per day,'” Marsal reports.

“Over the next 2-3 years, the analyst believes Apple has the potential to become a top selling ‘smartphone’ vendor, which could leverage the mobile category into the mainstream just as the company did with the iPod and portable media players,” Marsal reports.

Full article here.
Again, if those other relics are “smartphones,” then Apple iPhone is a “geniusphone.” Apple iPhone. Makes all other smartphones look stupid.


  1. This guy is always behind the curve. He does support apple unlike some others, but he’s been conservative in the last 12-18 months compared to earlier. He got caught with a $120/share price prediction for 2006, or somehting like that, and has been more conservative since. (IIRC)

    Top smartphone vendor in 2-3 years. DUH. Takes lots of brains cells for that. How about in 1 year?

    MDM Word: Days. How about in a few days, Shaw dude?

  2. It might take a more than a year to become the top vendor simply to ramp up the production necessary. But I doubt that anyone knows Apple’s manufacturing capacity at this point.
    One thing is for sure. IT departments will not be calling the shots in this situation like they did with the PC.

  3. With constant improvements to the iPhones, wider expansion of the product line I can see it happening sooner than that time frame.

    When I see TV, print and net adverts of other smart phones, I know nothing compares to the current crop of iPhones—let alone what coming in the months and years ahead.

    People knocking the iPhone (and Apple for that matter) will really be looking stupid for their pronouncements.

  4. The iPhone already is the “top smartphone” compared to all the other smart-challenged phones.

    Top selling? That should take considerably less that 2-3 years.
    Who do you think the top selling smartphone was this past weekend?

  5. Dreil: He says 250k, others say 500k and 520k, who do we believe?

    No one. They are all analysts, i.e. when they don’t know, they just pull numbers from some place where the sun doesn’t shine. Some makes better guesses than Enderle, but that isn’t hard to do. Just wait patiently until Apple or AT&T releases the figures.

  6. iPhone’s bigger than anything else already. Rush Limbaugh is giving away 10 iPhones with free 1 year of AT&T service. Glenn Beck is giving away 1 iPhone with 1 year AT&T service.

    The iPhone transcends politics.

  7. So that little toymaker in Cupertino sold a couple of phones this weekend. Whoop-De-Freakin’ Do!

    Can your little iPhone share music with its “awesome WiFi” like my brown Zune? No? Thought so. Hey Apple lemmings, I wouldn’t be so smug if I were you. The Zune phone is coming and it will work natively with Exchange right out of the box. Then what are you gonna do?

    Your potential. Our passion.™

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