iPhone line takes shape at Apple Store Crossgates, Albany, NY (with photos)

First in line for Apple’s iPhone at Apple Store Crossgates is Link Hughes, who hails from Troy, NY who arrived 4:45am in the Crossgates Mall’s Albany, NY parking lot.

At 5am, Hughes was allowed to enter the mall and set up shop as #1 in line, joined by Chelsea Hash, also of Troy, who came along with Hughes.

Hughes plans to get an iPhone for himself and perhaps a second iPhone for his father.

Hash decided on line that she would keep the iPhone for herself and maybe even pick up another for a friend after reading of improved EDGE network speeds and viewing Apple Store’s iPhone demo in the store’s window.

By 1:15pm EDT, the line at Apple Store Crossgates numbers a very manageable (for now) 35 people, with more joining the line with increasing frequency as iPhone’s 6pm debut approaches.

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  1. dammit, i wonder if there is going to be a line at the apple store by my job. the mall there seems to be pretty mellow. i hope things don’t get stupid by the end of the day.

  2. Actually no, we don’t go to RPI, we all work at 1st Playable Productions in Troy. (I’m 3rd in line there, Chelsea is my fiancee). In any case, while Link’s phone works great, Chelsea and I are still waiting for our activations to go through (it’s been about 22 hours now).

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