Bill Atkinson waits in line for iPhone at Apple Store Palo Alto

“Why did I wait in line in Palo Alto and not the more sexy San Francisco? Easy, I knew there’d be more geeks in line here. And the line did not disappoint,” Robert Scoble blogs for Scobleizer.

“First of all, Bill Atkinson is in line here. He was Apple’s first software developer. He wrote Mac Paint. Hypercard. Did the windowing system. And much more. Most historians believe he’s one of the top software developers Silicon Valley has ever seen. And that’s no hype,” Scoble reports.

“Also in line? The Quicken Mac Team. Zooomr. Smug Mug. TechMeme. Quite a few others,” Scoble reports.

Full article, with link to photos, here.


  1. Bill’s the real reason the Mac happened. Responsible for so much of the early software, including the Finder. I remember reading a story about how he almost got killed when his RX-7 slid under a tractor trailer.

    One of the characters in some font (Cairo I think) had an image of Bill.

  2. You’d think Bill Atkinson could get one for free; Woz probably got one already; even part-time employees are getting one for free…

    He probably just wanted hang out in line.

  3. There isn’t much credibility left in that Robert Scoble. He was given a Nokia N95 from a retailer a few weeks ago and his blog has been full of praise for the free phone ever since. A guy completely without integrity if you ask me. The Nokia might be great, but I would never trust Scoble’s advice after watching his frequent “thank you for the free phone”s.

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