Apple Store goes offline until 6pm PDT

Apple Store has gone offline for iPhone launch and promises to be back online by 6pm PDT:


  1. I just left a little AT&T store near the Mall of Georgia. Got about 15 minutes to play with one. My first tendency was to tap with the tip of my finger near the nail for more accuracy, and it did not seem responsive at all.
    Then the woman said to instead just tap with the more flat part of my finger, and suddenly it was very responsive and I was going to town. I first went to Safari and checked our company’s web site, as I know the speed it loads. It loaded fairly quickly but set no land speed records. The woman said they were on EDGE and their WiFi was not working for some reason. The site displayed the SWF file, but did not animate, as expected, as Flash eats batteries. Next, the Photo part was really incredible pinching and zooming in and out and I just could not stop playing with that. So, then I wanted to see CoverFlow, and that was really awesome…Coverflow seems to be more designed for flicking than mouse dragging. I did notice that the little speaker sounded woofy, as someone before me had the volume up too loud.
    So, I went to the settings and lowered it, and noticed that the brightness control was in the middle. So, I pumped that all the way up and really saw how awesome this thing really is.
    Next, I skipped the one finger advise and jumped in with both thumbs. The keyboard really is a non issue, unless you are already so used to the now ridiculous buttons that are there when you don’t need them. Naturally, I made a few mistakes, but after a few minutes, my accuracy dialed in and I could move pretty accurately. For me, I will fly when I get some reps in.
    The screen will definitely show fingerprints quickly and will need something around to wipe it off, just like I do my strings and neck on my electric guitar after using it.
    It did not feel near as fragile as I thought it would, and I still had to deal with the display cord attached.
    The little round magnifier is really cool to insert or correct text. The widgets came up immediately, as I guess they had already been downloaded. I would really like to have the yellow pages, white pages, dictionary, and radar in motion included as widgets for the iPhone, as I use them almost daily.
    I wish I could have done more, but I had a few possible buyers behind me.
    I turned and held it up and did the pinch on a photo and heard abunch of oohs and aahs. My wife liked the Coverflow flicking.
    Well, that’s about it…my little iPhone experience…probably not something you haven’t already heard. I hope to play with it some more on Sunday. Already with cingular with an Ericsson and a video iPod, my purchase will hopefully be sooner than later. I wouldn’t even consider any other smartphone out there after playing with and seeing the software potential of this thing. Hope this helps someone.

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