Apple Store Flatiron Crossing (Broomfield, Colorado) iPhone line photos

The iPhone line is growing at Apple Store Flatiron Crossing in Broomfield, CO (between Denver and Boulder).

MacDailyNews reader Jason Rosenbaum told us, “The Flatiron Crossing Mall’s Cingular store had only one tent with a total of 3 people waiting while the Apple store had about 20 people” at the time the photos were taken earlier today.

Various sources tell us that people are joining lines around the country with greater intensity as the day progresses.

Thanks for the photos, Jason!

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  1. In the little hick town I live in, Effingham Illinois there are about 8 people in line at the Cingular store. All this time I thought I was the only one in town that knew how to use a ciphering machine.

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