Visto announces secure corporate email for Apple iPhone

Visto, provider of mobile email solutions for business users, today announced the support of corporate email functionality for the Apple iPhone.

According to the company, “Visto delivers the leading global platform for mobile operators to provide easy-to-use mobile email to the broadest set of devices. Visto’s open solution enables email for the mass market, targeting enterprises, small businesses mobile professionals and consumers. The company’s patented Visto Mobile™ platform with ConstantSync™ technology works in real time with POP3, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino email solutions for personal to business use, providing maximum control and flexibility for the operator and choice for the customer. Visto’s customized, brandable solutions are available through mobile operators worldwide including Elisa, Rogers Wireless, Qtel, SmarTone, SFR, Softbank Mobile, Sprint-NEXTEL, TELUS, Turkcell and the Vodafone Group.”

Through Visto, iPhone users will be able to experience secure mobile access to current and legacy versions of both Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino corporate messaging platforms. Visto will enable access that is easy to implement and administer and will alleviate IT concerns regarding security and reliability.

“The iPhone and other devices to follow will continue to accelerate demand for secure mobile access to corporate data including email, contacts, calendar and other important information sources,” said Brian Bogosian, president, chairman and CEO of Visto, in the press release. “The unique attributes of the iPhone will generate incremental demand for smart devices and will raise the bar for other phone manufacturers to meet and exceed any user experience enhancements that Apple has made. To be useful to business users, it must easily and securely provide access to corporate email – and that’s where Visto adds value and functionality for end users as they consider the iPhone over BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows Mobile devices as their single converged device to support both their personal and business needs.”

Visto Mobile will directly offer secure and easy-to-use mobile access to corporate and personal email for the iPhone in the United States. Additionally, Visto Mobile offers iPhone users peace of mind by securing their personal information using end-to-end security. For IT departments, this means that they can encrypt and protect sensitive corporate data without making any changes to their existing security infrastructure.

Visto Mobile for the iPhone will be available in late Q3 2007. iPhone users will be able to take advantage of a free 60-day trial of the Visto Mobile service.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Shoeman!” for the heads up.]



  1. “But the virtual keyboard only rotates to landscape in the web browser.”

    – latest desperate IT objections

    “The 2 mpixel camera is only just adequate for corporate espionage, even though it’s easy as hell to e-mail the spy pics after they’re snapped.”

    – latest Microsoft objection/excuse

  2. But it doesn’t have a physical keyboard!!!!!!

    I gotta believe what I am reading. They keyboard is a pain for the 1st few days and then you simply get used to it. Other problems are minor (cut and paste / edit an office doc) and will surely be fixed quickly with software updates.

    But some of you here underestimate the kind of stroke the IT guys have in a large corporation. They can be the “all powerful” (in a company like I work at, we call them the “Internet Police” because they monitor all activity and report any violations to HR for discipline/discharge).

    An application like Visto is offering will stop them in their tracks, especially since I read that they are offering a full PUSH option with their service..

    This is pretty big.

  3. Is this real? Apple’s already said there’s no SDK for iPhone, so this can’t be a native app. It’s just an improved web frontend for your Exchange server?

    Cool if it’s better than OWA (kind of has to be), but makes no mention of calendars, which is really the biggest hole.

  4. The speed with which good old tech inventiveness and software development will eliminate the real and perceived faults of the iPhone will be blinding. Not only from Apple, but from bright, motivated people who see every new product as an opportunity, rather than a threat.

    And if the miserable tech journalists and paid talking heads they rely on continue to attack a product they don’t understand, we may just see the elimination of the majority Microsoft caused Stockholm Syndromed stupidity in our lifetimes, as money dries up for status quo retards trying to fight the future.

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