Apple CEO Steve Jobs talks iPhone, OS X-based iPods, ‘off the charts’ future Macs, and more

“Apple held a somewhat rare, company-wide virtual meeting with Steve Jobs this morning (11am Pacific Time), wherein Steve Jobs discussed the gravity of the iPhone on Apple’s business as well as how he perceives the parts played by the rest of the company,” Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica.

“Steve opened up with how he believes that the iPhone will change the mobile space forever. He said that when the Mac first came out, people talked about how some day, every computer would work that way, and the same would be true of the iPhone,” Cheng reports.

Jobs said Apple has “the ‘best Macs’ in the new product pipeline ever right now, and that the stuff coming out in the next year is ‘off the charts,'” Cheng reports. Jobs also said, “There is one OS group that does Mac OS X for the Mac and the iPhone, as well as ‘some iPods we’re working on,'” Cheng reports.

Underscoring the importance Apple’s CEO places on the iPhone, Cheng reports Jobs said that “Apple employees will be able to tell their grandkids that they were at Apple when they launched the iPhone.”

Much more in the full article, including why EDGE and not 3G for iPhone, why 6pm for iPhone’s launch, and more, here.


  1. bring on the macs!

    I just can’t wait…. I need them yesterday!

    <u>From the article:</u>

    He then talked about iPhone in relation to the rest of Apple’s business. Steve described it as trying to put the third leg onto a chair with only two legs. The first leg is the Mac business, ….
    the second leg is the iPod and iTunes marketplace,….
    The third leg of the chair, Steve hopes, will be the iPhone business,….
    He added that he hopes for the fourth leg to become the Apple TV, but focus is on the iPhone for now.

    I was actually hoping that the fourth leg would be servers and business apps (well the servers may be included with macs) or software in general (an office suite in addition to apps that make Adobe look like an amateur)…
    Those things (in addition to the AppleTV or instead of it) would rally make the Jobs’ world domination scheme a bit more grand…

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  2. Gman, didn’t some major magazine recently say that working for Microsoft is one of the worst jobs ever? I saw it in my newsreader yesterday, but I didn’t read the article because I was all like, “um, we knew that.”

    MW: needed, “That’s not something we needed to be told.”

  3. Yes, I am unstoppable.

    Tomorrow I plan to say that using an iPhone in an thunderstorm could result in a lightning strike.

    I shall also point out that it could be very dangerous if thrown at a spouse’s head in a marital dispute.

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