Report: one Apple iPhone per customer on June 29th launch day

“We have been tracking a rumor that the iPhone will be limited to one per customer on the 29th. We’re made numerous calls to our AT&T contact’s as well as AT&T and Apple company stores, and have confirmed this,” reports.

Brief article here.


  1. Good. I was worried some farktards were going to camp out in the front of the line for the purpose of buying palettes of iPhones to sell on eBay. Glad to see Apple thinking of users instead of opportunistic capitalists.

  2. Fack! My wife ain’t gonna wait in line with me for 11+ hours! This sucks! I understand it though, and maybe this will mean I have more of a chance to get it then… Plus, maybe she can arrive at 6:00PM (I’d talk to the other people in line straight-away that day) and go in with me…

  3. “Glad to see Apple thinking of users instead of opportunistic capitalists.”

    yeah because certainly without capitalism, there would still be iPhones, except they would be made out of two tin cans, with fishing line strung between them, with pictures of peoples kids and pets drawn on the outside with magic markers.

    Don’t confuse capitalism with greed my friend.

    /is normally fairly anti-corporate
    //not in the face of stupid correlations
    /// yay slashies on MDN forums!

  4. Why is it that people can’t wait a few days and go get one when the crowds have died down a little? It’s not like you’re going to die if you don’t get it before the weekend.

  5. Capitalism is great, but there’s no reason for Apple to have to share the profits with scalpers. Thank God for this limitation — here’s to hoping that this means people who only want to wait in line for two or three hours will have a chance. If your wife won’t stand in line with you, she doesn’t want one that badly.

  6. Fack! My wife ain’t gonna wait in line with me for 11+ hours!

    Why would anyone in their right mind waste a day waiting in line for 11+ hours? I plan on going to one of the less busy Apple stores at about 5:30… I’m sure there will be a line, but if they sell out, I’ll either come back on Saturday or order from and have it delivered by Tuesday..

  7. @wannabe

    Not everyone makes enough money/has enough vacation days to justify taking either the day off or buy an iPhone. And just because someone doesn’t want to stand in line for many hours doesn’t mean they don’t really want it _all_that_much. All it means is that they don’t want to waste away an entire day in line with, for the most part, complete geeks and nerds speaking geek or nerd all day long. I get your point, but you over-generalized. My wife really wants an iPhone because she loves Apple and their products but she likes not wasting an entire day even more. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Hey, I love wasting entire days for sh1t like this! To me it is FUN!

  8. I knew that as soon as I used the word “capitalists” I’d get some knee-jerk response from those who believe capitalism can do no wrong. I’m not against capitalism at all – in fact, I wouldn’t live in a country that wasn’t based on it. And I fully acknowledge and appreciate the benefits of capitalism.

    However, on the micro-capitalism scale, it is just plain rude to sit in line at an Apple store so you can buy as many iPhones as you can for the purpose of selling them at a profit. It’s not illegal. It’s not going to hurt anybody to do so. But it is not civilized to snatch up all the iPhones while the people in line behind you are politely waiting their turn.

    I am amazed at the people who think they’re invisible to public scorn. I think anyone who greedily takes more than they are entitled to are the scourge of society.

    So you’re right, Moo, greed is bad. But so is being a total shetbag!

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