ChangeWave study predicts ‘transformation’ in Apple Mac market share

“About a quarter of those looking for computers during the summer months favor Macs versus other brands and could create a ‘transformation’ in market share for Apple should the study’s claims hold true,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider, citing on a new ChangeWave study.

“Over the course of the next three months, about 22 percent of those respondents looking for desktops and 28 percent of notebook seekers intend to buy an Apple computer. The jumps represent an extra 4 and 9 percent of the total survey base switching allegiances compared to the March quarter, the analysts say,” Malley reports.

“‘Clearly, it’s that the advance publicity and release of the Apple iPhone is concurrently having a ‘Halo Effect’ on Apple computer sales,’ ChangeWave notes. The survey was conducted in early June, just as Apple’s ad campaign for the iPhone shifted into higher gear in anticipation of the June 29th launch. Shoppers interested in Mac OS X Leopard looking to upgrade upon its release were also cited as a possible factor,” Malley reports.

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  1. The transformation began when Jobs returned. Most “analysts” were too short sighted to see Apple’s direction. These folks are too fixated on quarter by quarter market share numbers and most times ignore the big picture.

  2. I agree, it’s just like Steve said at the Stanford Commencement speech he gave a couple years ago. You can only connect the dots looking backward, not forward, unless you’re Steve. I don’t think these analysts could see Steve’s grand plan, his “digital hub”, even though he stated it back in the early part of this decade. All of these steps have been incremental, and have slowly but surely positioned Apple as our digital hub, from our phone, to our music player to our DVD-replacement, to our source for video and music. Steve has slowly but surely made it happen. I don’t think any analyst could see what Steve foretold.

  3. As we all know, Apple will likely sell their 10th million iPhone MUCH sooner than Dec 2008 (S.J.’s conservative estimate). My guess is that they will reach that by the end of THIS year. If they can sell another 20 million in 2008, then by Dec 2008 there should be about 55-60 Macintoshes on the planet: 25 million iPhones and 25-30 million desktops/MacBooks.

    Think about it. How soon before iPhone Macintoshes outnumber the desktop/laptop kind? And then the ads will start: You take your mobile Mac (iPhone) everywhere. Isn’t it time you also had one at home and in the office? Same OS, same GUI. (Of course they’ll be more subtle and less technical, but you get the idea: “You already own a Mac with your iPhone- so you already know how our laptops and desktops work too”).

    Insidiously brilliant. And think about this: the Mac OS installed base will DOUBLE in about 18 months! That’s pretty good for us…

    I just hope they eventually open the iPhone up to “real” developers (I want games and custom apps)…

  4. @Moo

    Nope- it’s the Mac Nano! (Actually, I expect to be flamed just for mentioning the iPhone in what is finally a true Mac news article, but if Apple would just change the iPhone name to what it really is, everyone would leave me alone).

    Hey, let’s start a campaign for a name change to the Mac Nano!

  5. I’m just hoping that they really ramp up the advantages of syncing and iPhone and a Mac. I was wondering if your dictionary from your Mac could be synced to your iPhone, I have various custom spellings that I have on my Mac and it would be great to have them on the iPhone rather than have it prompt you to change them all the time.

    Similarly, will we see the dictionary prompting show up in OS X apps? I know you can do spell check but if they can do autocorrection on the iPhone then why not in any app on OS X?

  6. I get a little tired of all the “halo effect” talk. It’s as if Macs couldn’t possibly sell based on their own merits. Therefore any success they experience can only be attributable to association with something else that’s successful.

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