Apple and AT&T publish Apple iPhone FAQ pages

Apple and AT&T have published separate online iPhone Frequently Asked Questions. AT&T covers the following categories:

• General
• Activation
• Existing Customers
• Billing
• Return Policy

AT&T’s “iPhone Frequently Asked Questions” are here.

Apple has made available online “iPhone Questions and Answers” which covers frequently asked questions including iPhone set up, accessories, using iPhone and more here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Pete” and “Richard” for the heads up.]


  1. Activated with a large, round and curly hairdo?

    “Q. I’m an existing customer. Can I swap out my current SIM card and start right away?

    A. No. iPhone must be activated befroe it can be used. iPhone includes a pre-installed SIM card for your convenience.”

    (my emphasis)

  2. “No insurance? Gasp. I wonder if there will be a form of Apple Care you can purchase.”

    Probably yes, but no Applecare plan will ever cover accidental damage or damage caused by abuse. Different than insurance.

  3. Checking in from Phoenix today, in the business section of the Arizona Republic is a page 1 article titled “iWant” with a big picture of the iPhone. The article goes on to say the only place to get them will be at the 3 apple stores in phx. Too bad ATT.

  4. @Moo

    Of course, not damage or abuse but for support and malfunction. As a mac user for sometime. Apple Care has proven at times to be invaluable. And for the price, it is well worth it to have it. I have used it many times.

    In fact, I have had an iPod fail after a year and thank god I had purchased Apple Care. Voila, replaced with a new iPod.

    I don’t know of any care program offered by any vender that beats AppleCare.

  5. @Twisted Mac Freak
    “If you download porn to your iPhone, it’s not covered by Acts of Goo.”

    Don’t start on MDN! There is no GOO! GOO does NOT exist (except at the BBC and Paris Hilton)!

    If there is a GOO – GOO loves you.

  6. Ok, now I’m confused. Can I or can I NOT activate the iPhone WITHOUT a data plan? I have NO NEED for and do not want EDGE. I am strictly WiFi and want to pay the lowest possible rate. Please advise.

  7. Why hasn’t Apple allowed the keyboard to expand in landscape mode when you tilt the iPhone sideways???!

    It would increase the size of the keypads and create more space between the keys.

    Why are we not seeing this!?

    Maybe it’s an engineering problem? – doubt it.
    Maybe they don’t want to confuse people? – doubt it.
    Maybe if there’s two sizes available they are afraid people won’t learn it as effectively? – doubt it.

    Maybe they think the small size is good enough? But it still takes people a week to adjust to it…

    And what about when you’re typing on the bus and it’s vibrating?
    What about when your glasses are misplaced?
    What about the casual user who only types a few words a day and never adjusts to the keyboard?
    What about your grandmother or parent who will be quickly discouraged with any tech device learning curve?
    What about typing and walking at the same time through the airport terminal?

    Wouldn’t it all be easier with a landscape keyboard?

    Why else would Apple leave it out?


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