Associated Press writer wants to remind Apple of their so-called ‘misses’

“When a Roman general returned from a successful campaign and was rewarded with a triumphal parade through the city, a slave stood behind him on his chariot to whisper the words ‘Memento mori’ in his ear,” Peter Svensson writes for The Associated Press.

“The Latin phrase means ‘remember that you are mortal,’ and was intended to keep the general’s pride manageable. With the launch of the tremendously hyped iPhone soon upon us, it may be worth reminding Apple Inc. and the buying public that not every product the company has put out has been as successful as say, Julius Caesar’s conquest of France,” Svensson writes. “So here’s a memento mori for Apple, listing some of its greatest misses…”

To save you the click: Svensson covers: Newton, G4 Cube, eWorld, one-button mouse, and, believe it or not, iMac.

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.
How sad of an SOB do you have to be to write an article like this? Sheesh. Plus, many of Mr. Rain-On-Your-Parade’s list of so-called “misses” contains products that simply prove Apple to be consistently ahead of the times, constantly pushing forward; skating to where the puck is going to be, not to where it’s been, to quote Jobs quoting Gretzky.

At or near the top of a rather prodigious list of AP orifices: Peter Svensson.


  1. the iMac wasnt a miss… i recently showed a PC guy an iMac 20 inch running Mac OS X tiger, i asked him if he has a mac “a what?”, “well then im guessing you have this” restarted, boot to windows, then parralel back to Mac OS X, he bought one a week later lol

  2. This asshat has been seeing one too many ‘Patton’ movies and sounding off like a clueless parrot. He is a supreme dumbass.

    Why are so many so-called jounalists getting quoted, or even getting paid for this shit.

  3. As someone who has a G4 Cube and a Newton, let me tell you these products were not failures, they were just ahead of their time. The Cube in particular is still one of the best desktop computers Apple ever produced and I use it to this day.

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