RUMOR: ZFS Read/Write in Mac OS X Leopard Developer Beta?

“According to published reports on the internet, Apple has actually seeded developers with a ZFS Read/Write Beta for Leopard. The new ZFS Read/Write beta enables full read/write capabilities to Apple’s Mac OS X (Leopard),” arn reports for MacRumors.

Full article here.

Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider, “Sun’s recent ZFS will appear in a limited form as promised, those aware of its inner workings note. Despite Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz’ protests to the contrary, the unique file system will appear as a non-default, read-only format out of the box with write support possibly arriving as a separate update in the future. Regardless of access, however, ZFS in Leopard will support some of the trademark features, such as instant and low-storage “snapshots” of a disk volume, and cloned copies that can be modified with only a small penalty in terms of disk space.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. Seriously. This would definitely quench my unsatisfied taste buds after the disappointing Stevenote. Don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful for everything Apple has done and is planning to do. They’re a great company with great and intelligent people and I’m proud to be an Apple customer through-and-through.

    And even though Leopard is a guranteed purchase and – from what we’ve seen – has some very noteworthy enhancements and features, nothing in the Stevenote on Leopard was worth all the “Top Secret” feature hype that was brought on from the Macworld Stevenote.

    I’m still holding out that there are some mind blowing features that weren’t quite ready to be shown and none of the developers are able to show.

    But ZFS on an external drive for the explicit purpose of Time Machine use would definitely quench my thirst.

  2. Zounds exziting.

    (“I’m still holding out that there are some mind blowing features that weren’t quite ready to be shown and none of the developers are able to show.”

    The Magic 8 Ball says, “Not bloody likely.”

    But quite a few minor enhancements according to AI.)

  3. From what I’ve heard ZFS isn’t ready for use as a file system like this, at least not by October, I suppose if they can get it to a stage they’re happy with then they’ll add it and we’ll be happy. If not they can add it later or in a subsequent release. No point getting everyone’s hopes up.

  4. Indeed, as Jvpiter says, this is not a rumor. You can download the ZFS beta now from the ADC website, you don’t even need a paid for ADC membership, although obviously if you don’t have a developer seed of Leopard it won’t do you any good.

  5. The fact that ZFS isn’t currently suitable for a boot drive needn’t be of any significance. Time Machine needs to use a different drive in order to properly back up files, so what’s the problem with having HFS+ for the boot drive and ZFS for the external mass storage ?

    Furthermore, now that Apple provides a great solution for networked storage by plugging a USB hard drive into the new AirPort Base Station, you could have that drive formatted as ZFS too.

  6. The interesting thing is that QuickTime in Leopard won’t need a Pro license key to display full screen – a very dated and lame restriction.

    Just played an embedded mp3 in my browser with the QT plugin. Hitting the right widget to save it brought up a dialog box saying QT Pro needed. While paying for QT Pro is not a big issue for me, the fact that I could download the audio piece with a simple option-click made that restriction silly, if not stupid.

    That and being able to change the region setting “on the fly” – if true – would help restore some luster to QT as a player.

    Now, as to requiring Safari to set one’s preferred browser, or iChat to set one’s preferred IM client, I hope they’ll reconsider.

  7. I have three external drives that I use for different purposes. Two of them are USB-only, and of course are not bootable under OS X. However, the third one is Firewire and as an external Firewire disc is bootable, I use it to backup my entire drive. Possibly Time Machine will solve the backup problem for me. However, that remains to be seen.

    ZFS, at the moment, without possibly what Time Machine could do, would not be sufficient for my use, which is to have a disconnected, totally safe backup that was bootable, and only connected for the time it took to B/U.

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