Apple video shows 80GB iPhone: slip up or proof of massive future storage upgrade?

Watch the iPhone Activation & Sync video on

After the video’s host selects all his playlists, Music, Vidos, Podcasts, etc and Syncs his phone he shows the Used and Available Space on the iPhone which shows 80GB of iPhone storage space. The host states, “This bar at the bottom [of iTunes] shows you how much room you have left on you iPhone…”

Is this is a simple mistake or is there an 80GB iPhone lurking about deep inside Apple?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Npalamidis,” “Fred Mertz,” and “Josh” for the heads up.]


  1. I think they were using an 80GB iPod so that they could make it look like you can sync all your “music, tv shows, movies, podcasts, etc..” with no worries…

    What will REALLY happen with the iPhone is that you’ll be constantly choosing to have “a few playlists of songs, 6 podcasts and 1 movie” on there at any given time due to the limited storage..

    The “that all doesn’t fit on your iPhone” error message wouldn’t have looked good in the demo video…

    ; )

  2. Anyone else notice that the 25-minute iPhone video tour host clearly stated the iPhone offers “16 applications,” although there are currently only 12 application icons on the Home screen?

  3. If true, this would be awesome!

    The only reason I’m NOT getting an iPhone is that I still would have to carry around my 80GB iPod. I got too much music, kids!

    Plus, you can’t use the iPod on the iPhone if you discontinue your ATT contract. — THAT’S BS!

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