People begin forming lines for Apple iPhone over four days before release

Lines for Apple’s iPhone have started to form, according to Vicarious Music.

Appropriately enough, the first iPhone lines seem to have begun at Apple’s flagship retail store, Apple Store Fifth Avenue, site of massive grand opening lines, crowds, and at least one marriage proposal.

Hopefully, Apple has plans to bring us galleries, time lapse movies, and the like as they did for the landmark store’s grand opening throngs!

Taken today, June 25th at 2:48pm EDT, this photo shows the first two intrepid souls in line for the iPhone with backpacks and at least one camping chair nestled safely behind metal stanchions in front of the stores’ glass cube entrance.

Hope they have a plan, or a tent (or at least some baby wipes), because spending 4+ days in a camping chair on 5th Avenue will not be pretty!

Nope, there’s no sign of that massive iPhone ad gracing Apple Store Fifth Avenue’s glass cube, yet. More here.

MacDailyNews Take: To those who doubt that people would begin forming iPhone lines so early, you’ve obviously never been anywhere near the front of an Apple Store Grand Opening line. Those who front such lines are a rare, special breed who take Think Different™ to a whole new level (we’ve actually seen two people sitting right next to each other on line iChatting via MacBooks instead of just talking) and we love ’em for it!

MacDailyNews Note: Attention NYC and any other MacDailyNews readers: if you happen to get a shot of iPhone lines at Apple or AT&T stores this week, please email to or post it online and send us the link. Thank you in advance.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John” for the heads up.]


  1. That’s just insane, if that’s what they are really doing ( and not just sitting there ) – seriously. I can possibly understand people maybe waiting from Thursday night – although it wouldn’t be for me – but 4 days ?? C’mon people… that’s ridiculous.

  2. I saw the massive iPhones at the U-Village store on Saturday. Honestly, I think they kind of blew it on the execution of the store displays. If you’ve seen the pictures, those big LCDs are obscured by reflections from outside, and my store was no different. In the full-on sun of 1:00 you could barely see anything on the displays.
    Happily, however, the store itself was jam-packed as always. Can’t wait until Friday. =)


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