Apple Store Woodland Hills to hold Grand Opening on June 29th, day of iPhone launch

Apple will celebrate the Grand Opening of their newest retail store, Apple Store Woodland Hills, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the same day that the company launches a little thing called “iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Note: Good luck, Apple Store Woodland Hills employees! You’re gonna need it.

To celebrate the Grand Opening, Apple will feature a week of exciting events. In the store, Apple plans to have a variety of unique and educational presentations, demonstrations and workshops — all free of charge.

In addition, the first 1000 people to visit the Apple Store receive a free Apple t-shirt.

7021 S. Memorial Drive
Tulsa, Oklahoma

More info:

MacDailyNews Take: Who the heck scheduled this Grand Opening?


  1. I don’t think any Windows product ever gets this much hype. People are already waiting in line for iPhones, and there are always hundreds of people at the grand opening of Apple stores.

  2. Dang! I thought from the headline that this was another L.A. store (Woodland Hills is a Los Angeles suburb in the San Fernando Valley). I might made the drive for this.

    On a sad note:
    I just found out that I’ve got to be at a function on Friday, so I’m going to miss “Opening Night” for the iPhone. More iPhones for you all. Have fun!

  3. The iPhone ad with Nancy Pelosi’s grotesque face on it at the top of the MDN page this time makes me want to puke. Dirt ball. NY Slimes sucks! I wish they would kill those ads and change it to something less annoying to 2/3 of the country.

  4. Greg –

    Why is it you conservatives can’t simply talk about Macs around here? What is so difficult about keeping on-topic?

    I’m just asking for flames by saying this — something that normally doesn’t interest me. But sometimes I just get fed up with it. I restrain myself here from complaining about (to use Bill Maher’s term) President Shit-For-Brains, but you can’t extend me the same courtesy. If you need to vent about how great the war in Iraq really is, can’t you take a few months off from MDN and and do it on the Sopranos forum or the Paris Hilton gossip forum or the lawnmower repair tips forum…?

    And I’m sorry for you that two-thirds of the country apparently didn’t visit the voting booth last November.

  5. @ Follower:

    Wow, you really are a terrorist loving troll. I agree with Greg, What’s Apple thinking with these politically slanted ads. Do you really think that by sitting back and doing nothing we will be safe? Things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. Half the world’s population a have their heads completely up the asses.

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