AT&T: Apple iPhone rate plans will be announced before June 29

“According to AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel, a report today that AT&T will wait until the day of iPhone’s launch to disclose rate plans for the device is inaccurate,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for iLounge.

“‘We will disclose before the 29th,’ said Siegel, noting that customers will be able to show up at stores that day knowing how much they will be charged for both the Apple-developed hardware and AT&T’s cellular service plans,” Horwitz reports.

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  1. Here we go.

    People who want iPhones have a highly developed tollerance for new technology and all that goes with it.

    When it comes to ATT/Cingular however, I hope everyone who wants an iPhone also has a highly developed tollerance for the absurd.

  2. Of course, we have to be able to use our own wi-fi without getting the data plan from AT&T. If that is the case, iPhone owner will be at the mercy of AT&T. Not a good idea to buy at all.

  3. The rates are probably going to be absurdly high.

    For example, right now 2000 min is $99

    t-Mobile is 2500 min for $99

    I wonder how much 2000 iPhone minutes will be.

    They’ll prob gouge iPhone fan boys (like me) more than the reg plan.

  4. The details of the available plans are one of the scheduled iPhone announcements that Apple has planned to ramp up the hype for the next week. Already we’ve seen

    Monday – glass screen, battery life
    Wednesday – YouTube

    It’d be reasonable to expect two or three more of these, since while Apple started out with a biggie on Monday to get attention, I’m sure they’ve saved the best for last. It’s entirely possible that a Jobsian OMT will come on the 29th.

    Keep in mind that the reason for special service plans for the iPhone is simply that it comes with a contract but isn’t subsidized. So we should expect the monthly cost to be somewhat cheaper than the non-iPhone plans, and that’s why it will be part of the hype-building process.

  5. Still amazed……I’m still amazed you think this is only a cell phone! Let’s see; phone, iPod, web browser, video player, game player, calendar and address book, etc……. Learn about the product; learn about facts!

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