AT&T to retail stores: ‘Order crowd control devices for Apple iPhone launch’

All Apple and AT&T retail stores will be closing on Friday, June 29th at 4:30pm local time to prepare for the Apple iPhone launch. Stores will reopen at 6:00pm local time and begin selling iPhones while they last, according to internal AT&T documents published by The Boy Genius Report.

“One more confirmation from the leaked doc, is that AT&T stores should “inform landlords in all locations (except enclosed malls) that your store hours will be extended until 10:00PM on Friday, June 29th,” says The Boy Genius Report.

In the document “Prepare Landlord for iPhone Launch,” AT&T tells retail store managers to “Order ‘Crowd Control Devices,'” including stanchions, plus how to effectively form lines and deal with landlords.

Full article with document images here.

MacDailyNews Take: Set phasers to stun!


  1. ‘Crowd Control Devices’ means ropes and stanchions (aka ‘the velvet rope’).

    Wear your bathing suit in case of water cannons. Jobs-o specially designed the water so that it won’t ruin your iPhone.

  2. All store managers should wear Algore or Hillaryous masks to make sure the crowds cower into submission. That is, just prior to raising taxes on the rich people who can afford iPhones.

  3. Do they mean they need those stanchion things to create lines? Why not just hand out little gold tickets to the lucky people?

    I hope they have bathrooms, we don’t want any of those situations where people pee’d themselves when Henrico sold $50 iBooks.

  4. In the event of a unruly mob, a life-size cutout of Steve Ballmer wearing only a Speedo and his tongue fully extended will drop from the ceiling of the store. Paramedics will be on hand for any uncontrollable projectile vomiting.

  5. TMF

    “Paramedics will be on hand for any uncontrollable projectile vomiting.”

    Is there such a thing as ‘controllable’ projectile vomiting? My kids sure didn’t have it…or wait, maybe that is why it always landed on me!

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