Apple invites iPhone lovers: Come meet us at the Apple Store on June 29

Apple today emailed an invitation to Apple eNews recipients:

On June 29, you should come meet us at an Apple Store. We’ll bring iPhone, and you two can, well, talk. Get to know one another. Maybe even fall in love.

After all, iPhone has a lot to email home about. Offering up to 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback, iPhone combines three products into one small and lightweight handheld device. A revolutionary mobile phone. A widescreen iPod with touch controls. And it puts the Internet in your pocket with best-ever applications on a mobile phone for email, web, web-browsing, and maps.

Now, you may have been searching for your cell mate for a long time. But the wait’s almost over. In just eight days, it’ll be you and iPhone. Together at last.


  1. Oh man, Apple actually told ppl to go to an Apple store and by something. That is so innovative……

    I know we can call it entire industry will be made by companies sending messages to perspective consumers.

    Wow…thanks for the heads up on Apples new tactic called advertsing. This is certainly news.

    Just my $0.02

  2. My only issue is that I find it troubling that Apple are willing to work with a German Automaker for in car GPS (a current rumor of Apple building GPS systems for Mercedes….), but were not at all interested in working with T-Mobile, a more than willing partner, when it came to the iPhone.

    That decision alone would have given them both United States and European coverage, and they chose instead to go with AT&T.


    Becase AT&T has a partnership with DoCoMo in Japan? What has that proffered AT&T? They still have not completely implimented 3G here in the United States, which was the initial point of that partnership and the main reason as to why the iPhone is only 2.5G so what do they gain by that decision?

    For the internet functions, Verizon would have been a better choice, and I say that being a proud T-Mobile customer utilizing a blackberry pearl I am quite happy with.

    I LEFT AT&T, having been a NEW CINGULAR CUSTOMER (so that story about their problems being from previous AT&T customers is bull pucky), due to their shoddy service and the fact they wanted more and gave you nothing for it. I GLADLY pay $50 more a month to T-Mobile than I did with AT&T due to what they offer me.

    I understand the need for Visual Voicemail being done with the provider, I just detest thier choice of provider.

    Bad move Apple.

  3. Why AT&T? Largest installed base in the US, best coverage with 850MHz + 1900MHz GSM. They needed exclusivity to get some of the unique financial terms in the deal. T-Mobile US does not got you T-Mobile in Europe, they are seperate entitities and T-Mobile (Germany) is a small player in Europe. To take Europe, you need the big fish, Vodafone.

    When we look back at this, people will say Apple made the right choices. What they’ll forget, though, is that those choices never really existed at the time. Apple took a fresh look at the space and is creating what will be a very powerful channel for the iPhone.

    If Apple can capture >1% of the market in its first 12 months (which I’m guessing they easilly will) they they will have accomplished something that no other OEM has. And, where is this marketshare going to come from? Apple will steal from Motorola in the US and Nokia in Europe. Samsung will also be hit.

  4. I’m not sure how saint Copernicus managed it, but it seems that the planets will be in the exact alignment so as to allow me to be away from the salt mine that very afternoon. I’ll prolly go hangout even though I’m not in the market for an iPhone. Yeah, Baby! I’ll be ripped too! LOL!

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