Wired review: Apple’s Leopard adds polish and productivity to already elegant Mac OS X

“Several times during the past five days, I’ve found myself entranced by the most mundane tasks. Flipping through documents, browsing other computers on my network and cleaning up my desktop — such things are hardly capable of sustaining one’s interest for more than a few seconds, let alone producing joy,” Michael Calore writes for Wired.

“But joy is exactly what I felt as I pointed and clicked my way around the visually immersive world of Mac OS X version 10.5, better known as Leopard,” Calore writes. “With Leopard, Apple has added a thick coat of polish to an already elegant operating system. The upgraded OS isn’t all glitz and glam, though. Mac’s core applications have been rendered more friendly by the addition of stronger visual cues, animated actions and detailed user interface refinements.”

“Wired News obtained a copy of the developers’ release, which was provided only to Apple’s software partners under strict nondisclosure agreements. We didn’t sign anything… Since the copy of Leopard I tested was a developer’s preview and not a fully baked OS, I concentrated more on new features than raw performance. However, it should be said that some core system tools like Spotlight searches and the Dashboard engine have been greatly improved… When it’s released for real in October, Leopard is sure to be a hit among newcomers and the Mac faithful alike,” Calore writes introducing his unofficial review.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael” for the heads up.]


  1. Steve Jobs saw Coverflow, bought the rights/company, and now is integrating it into Mac OS X.

    I like being able to flip through previews of files instead of relying upon Spotlight or file names.

    I’m just too lazy to rename stuff anyway.

  2. Playing with the almost complete OS is like foreplay. You may enjoy the fact that you don’t know everything that it does, but when you get the full access you get happy…and then disappointed.

    Go back to Panther. We thought that was the best OS ever. No spotlight, iLife, and dashboard and you ask yourself why we thought it was worth a damn.

    In 3 years we will ask why tiger was so great. Pft. It doesn’t even have cover flow in finder.

    iLife was WEAK compared to the new version.

    So everyone, lets take a moment and appreciate Tiger for the next few months. We are moving on, but remember the good times…oh the good times.

  3. Funny how we haven’t seen any Vista vs. Tiger reviews. I wonder if we’re gonna see some Vista vs. Leopard shoot-outs. Maybe everyone knows that there’s no point to it. Maybe everyone knows that OS X destroys any flavor of Windows, so why even bother with a comparison.

  4. @nukeman

    So how come Apple hasn’t done an NDA on Wired???

    Re-read what MDN copied: Wired got their copy in a less than legitimate way. In other words, someone else violated their NDA by “loaning” it to them.

    No need to read the full article for that.

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