Apple iPhone’s Safari browser capabilities

“Univeristy of Washington’s Emerging Technology group published notes from Apple’s Developing Web Sites for iPhone session from WWDC last week. The blog entry provides some interesting information for users and web developers alike about the iPhone’s capabilities,” arn reports for MacRumors.

MacDailyNews Note: The notes have been pulled from Univeristy of Washington’s Emerging Technology group’s site:

Apple listed what the iPhone offers for websites:
– the page view feature lets you look at multiple websites and documents by scrolling thru them one after another
– Full PDF support
– double tap for zoom in
– one finger as a mouse used to
— pan page
— press and hold to display the information bubble
– two fingers as a mouse used to
— pinch content to shrink – zoom out
— pan page
— scroll wheel events
– new telephone links allows you to integrate phone calls directly from your webpage. remember this is only on safari.
– built in google maps client for integrated mapping from your website

MacRumors also summarizes iPhone Web page size limitations and restrictions that Apple noted in developing for the iPhone along with Apple’s web design recommendations in the full article here.


  1. I had to laugh at the text used to indicate that the material had been deleted. Here’s a paste:

    “The topic you looking for have been deleted”.

    They’ve probably outsourced their website support to India . . . 😎

    In any case, such “erudition” doesn’t reflect very positively on UoW IMO.

  2. The web site of my credit union here in the USA works fine with Safari 2.0 for the Mac as well as several other sites (credit cards for example) which require security. I have had success with other sites that require security by using the emulate feature found under the “Debug” menu item.


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