Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ marketing prowess on full display with iPhone launch

“Apple Inc. has no experience making cell phones. Almost nobody has personally seen its new star product, much less used it, yet the asking price is five times what most people have been willing to pay for a phone,” Bob Keefe writes for Cox News.

“So why is Apple’s iPhone suddenly the world’s No. 1 must-have product? Sure, it’s innovative, elegant, and has more features baked into it than any previous handset. But the key ingredient could be the near-mystical marketing prowess of Apple and its CEO, Steve Jobs,” Keefe writes.

“‘Everyone on the planet seems to know about this product,’ said Jen O’Connell, an Atlanta cell phone industry consultant and commentator who as a wireless executive has helped introduce about 100 phones,” Keefe writes.

“At the center of all things Apple, including its marketing methods, is CEO Jobs,” Keefe writes. “His unique sense of showmanship has been ingrained in Apple since he co-founded the company in 1976. But the launch of iPhone illustrates Jobs’ prowess perhaps better than any other product.”

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  1. Marketing. By Steve Jobs


    Available to CEO’s only.

    To qualify to buy one, CEO’s have to book a six month course run by Apple.

    The course will consist of 2 hour sessions at an Apple store near you.

    CEO’s must be conversant with all of Apple’s products and will be expected to purchase a MacBook Pro which will contain the pass word to the book.

    CEO’s can use Apple’s online printing solutions to order a hard copy.

  2. Well, all that and it simply is the first cell phone/pda/music player that works. It is touch a touch screen. You get the REAL internet, not the crappy Blazer version in my Treo 650. It will sync to my Mac correctly (as was promised with MissingSync, and never happened).

    It is simply one cool device. It’s a phone as well. If it had GPS, it would be the perfect device…….

  3. I remember all too well when the self-proclaimed “anal-ysts” decried Steve’s announcing a product that wouldn’t ship for another five or six months. Now they’re all on the bandwagon praising his savvy, carefully timed marketing efforts in that very same time period.

    Gawd, but these a**holes will ALWAYS be right, no matter what happens. When the revolution comes, first we shoot all the lawyers; THEN we shoot the analysts!

  4. He’s a great showman, but…

    …all the show in the world is no good if the product doesn’t hit the spot.

    And that’s why iPhone looks good to me — the first of its kind that I might actually want to use, and stuff the cost..

  5. What’s weird about all this Job’s Marketing Genius stuff is…. he doesn’t even have to do anything! He’s just being himself.

    I mean can someone fill me in on all the stuff he supposedly does? He barely even gives interviews. He’s just Steve Jobs and he’s the CEO of Apple. And Apple makes kickass stuff that people want to buy when they actually discover what the stuff does.

    What else does he need to do?

  6. Do you know of another product that advertises like the iPhone? The commercials are brilliant because they SIMPLY SHOW EXACTLY WHAT THE PRODUCT DOES.
    I can’t think of any other commercial like that.

  7. To do that, “you limit distribution, create lines and create an image that this really is a product that’s unique and different.”

    This is where the logic falls apart of it being a marketing phenomenon. The iPhone really is unique and different. I’m not buying one because of the commercials…I’m buying one because I WANT one.

  8. petey. When the iphone is launched in the UK on 18th October I am DEFINATELY buy one!!>

    They DEFINITELY have different standards of spelling since I went to school in England.

    MW – miss. I don’t miss England though, especially since we get just as much football here on TV. Football — the game that’s played with the feet. As opposed to the game here, that’s played with the hands.

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