Computerworld: Apple’s Safari for Windows well-crafted and fast – very fast

“Safari on Windows looks pretty much like Safari on the Mac, save for the shape and positioning of the close, minimize and zoom buttons. Other than that, it’s nearly identical. The feature sets are the same, as well, from bookmark organization to the built-in RSS reader. Even the text renders the same, though there’s debate over whether that’s good or bad. And as you’d expect, the menus — which show up in the menu bar on Macs — are in their proper Windows location at the top of the Safari browser window,” Mike DeAgonia reports for Computerworld.

“I downloaded and installed Safari on both Windows XP and Vista, using Parallels’ Desktop for Mac on an Intel-based MacBook and a Mac mini,” DeAgonia reports.

“Various reviews have confirmed one consistent fact: Safari is fast. Very fast. Apple says this browser renders HTML twice as fast as Internet Explorer 7 and 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2. I didn’t benchmark it, but I can say it is indeed faster than either one. Javascript also shows obvious speed increases,” DeAgonia reports.

“Safari represents another move by Apple to get its highly-touted software in front of people who may never have heard of Safari, much less tried out Apple’s other apps or hardware. Woo them with a few well-crafted programs such as Safari or iTunes, and — Jobs no doubt hopes — you can win them to the OS itself,” DeAgonia reports. “And when Apple puts that same well-crafted app — Safari — on what may be the hottest must-have device of the year, the iPhone, it reinforces the big-picture message: Apple suddenly seems to be everywhere.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. More money for Apple through the search properties that are built in. Smart move for Apple. The fact that they can fix bugs over night shows the dedication that M$ doesn’t have or care about. Working hard gets you places, Apple and it’s people are showing that. Maybe Windows user will get more of a taste with the new Browser…

    I’ve has only so-so luck with it at work, but I try to break things on this shitty PC, so maybe I shouldn’t count!!!


  2. Apple will soon add some cool stuffs that work great with iPhone, that way people a forced to download Safari and probably set it as their default browser later.

    Imagine a button on Safari to create widgets for the iPhone. Now that will be HOT! That alone will skyrocket the download rate of Safari.

  3. I tried posting the prev. comment from Safari 3.0.1 on windows xp.
    But, it failed.
    I also see that i was not able to copy / Paste the text from a textbox like the comments box at the bottom of this page

  4. I wished i had used Safari to type this.. better spell checker.. how do i turn on this in Firefox? is that through google toolbar. I do have it turned. It is probably only doing spellcheck. I need something to check the grammar too..

  5. I tested Safari in for the CSS rendering. I had html page with lot of nested tables with CSS styles
    Here are the results.

    Average time for the page to load

    IE 780 ms
    Firefox 710 ms
    Safari 070ms

    Safari was 10 times faster. Amazing.

  6. Safari and Long running scripts.

    Before Safari 3.0.1, i had some stability issues with Safari. Sometimes it goes 100% CPU load.. Something to do with JavaScripts gone wrong.. I do not remember the site name.. i think it is something like…

    But with 3.0.1, i see that Safari is asking me a questions” There is a slow running script on this page!. Do you want to stop it?” This behavior is very similar to Firefox.It is good.

  7. I like the activity feature in Safari. I can see what is going on different tabs. different windows. I can see all the download or script activity. I also have an option to stop it. This is really cool.

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