Apple says no ZFS for Mac OS X Leopard [UPDATED]

“An Apple official on Monday said Sun Microsystems’ open-source file system would not be in the next version of the Mac operating system, contradicting statements made last week by Sun’s chief executive,” Antone Gonsalves reports for InformationWeek.

“During an interview with InformationWeek, Brian Croll, senior director of product marketing for the Mac OS, said, ‘ZFS is not happening,’ when asked whether Sun’s Zettabyte File System would be in Leopard. Instead, Leopard would use Apple’s current hierarchical file system, called HFS+. The Apple file system was first introduced in 1998 in Mac OS 8.0,” Gonsalves reports.

“Croll declined to comment on statements made last week by Sun Chief Executive Jonathan Schwartz, who said the use of ZFS would be announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Upon further questioning, Croll would only confirm that Apple had never said ZFS would be a part of Leopard,” Gonsalves reports. “A representative with Sun did not have any immediate comment.”

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[UPDATE: 11:39pm EDT: Apple: Mac OS X Leopard will use ZFS – June 12, 2007]


  1. Do you guys really believe ZFS was the boot file system in Leopard and was then taken out because of what Sun said last week?!?!?

    I guarantee the copies of Leopard that the WWDC attendees received were pressed at least 2 weeks ago.

  2. ZFS is not ready that’s all. When it can be booted from so that you only need to have one “volume” on your Mac then it will become the file system. Unless of course something even better comes along in the meantime.

    LOL. My magic word is “men” 😀

  3. ZFS would be an awesome addition to OS X, but I doubt you’d see it on the Leopard desktop. If Apple does anything with it, you’ll see it in the server version, where Apple is really trying to make a dent in the data center market. That’s were ZFS is truly suited. HFS is a bit long in tooth and there’s too many hacks to add ACLs. It took nearly 4 revisions of 10.4 server to get ACLs stable. I’ve managed to hit a sweet spot where it all works (except for certain apache / Active Directory connections).

    I’d welcome ZFS as addition to HFS, but I wouldn’t want it to totally replace it.

  4. I’ll bet it will be a formatting option, just like UFS (UNIX File System) is a formatting option now.

    And I don’t think the “stupid SOB” at Sun was being stupid. It was probably a planned “leak” (requested by Apple) of incorrect information to generate more interest for WWDC among the geek community.

  5. Well, we’ve seen 3.33% of the new features in Leopard and while what’s been shown so far is definitely an improvement over current releases, I’ve seen absolutely nothing that qualifies as a “Top Secret” feature. I hope somewhere in the other 96.66% new features are some really incredible top secrets that they’re keeping from us.

    MDN word: born as in Leopard is starting to look still-born.

  6. I was disappointed with the announcements at this year’s WWDC keynote, but that ZFS has got me thinking:
    What if when Leopard ships in October, it includes 2 or 3 really disruptive top secret features?
    I can’t believe Steve made us wait 6 months to announce Stacks and Quick Look…

  7. :: Quoted from the Information Week Forum ::

    …An Apple spokesperson called us Tuesday seeking to clarify Croll’s statement. Croll was apparently supposed to indicate that ZFS would be available as a limited option, but not as the default file system.” …

    Michael Singer
    InformationWeek – West Coast Editor

    :: End Quote ::

    If he is indeed from InformationWeek, an updated correction story will be posted soon.

    Assuming what he said is true, ZFS will be an option in Leopard as it is in the betas.

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