Apple takes on Microsoft by releasing Safari Web browser for Windows


“Apple Inc. will create a version of its Safari Internet browser for Windows, Chief Executive Steve Jobs said on Monday, challenging Microsoft Corp. in its key stronghold of Web access software,” Scott Hillis reports for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple has created a version of Safari for Windows. The beta can be downloaded here.

“The move by Apple, which has expanded beyond its Macintosh computer core with iPod music players that work with Windows and the upcoming iPhone, could let the company control how the vast majority of people use the Web at a time when services and programs are increasingly becoming Internet-based,” Hillis reports.

“Jobs also said Apple would let outside developers create applications to run on its upcoming iPhone by tapping Safari, softening the company’s previous position that the device would not support other software due to security concerns,” Hillis reports.

“Speaking at Apple’s annual developers’ conference in San Francisco, Jobs put Microsoft’s dominant Internet Explorer browser squarely in his sights, saying that test versions of Apple’s Safari software were twice as fast,” Hillis reports.

“‘We assume Safari for Windows should increase market share and encourage Web site developers to allow for greater compatibility with Safari,’ Soleil Equity Research analyst Shannon Cross said,” Hillis reports. “‘It should also help increase Apple’s exposure to the Windows community and potentially attract a larger audience of switchers,’ Cross wrote in a research note.”

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  1. what if apple’s intention is to partner with google (as a backend) for much of iLife/iWork? it looks like apple is pushing web 2.0 (at least on the phone) for app development. welllll, now that safari is on windows, apple may be pushing for iLife/iWork for windows as well?

    Just a thought

  2. That is… if they actually download it, which… come on.

    The balance of market share reflects the amount various users.

    IE – The obviously much higher PC user base
    Safari – The growing but still small Mac user base
    Firefox – Mac & PC users that actually care and know about their web browser

    This basically means that the only PC users that would stop to think about the web browser they’re using and why, probably have already switched to Firefox.

    The only PC users that will download this are ones that primarily use macs already and developers on PCs that want to test across all browsers.

    Sorry able, I’ve been a dedicated user and fan for a LOOOONNG time, but this is one move I find a bit pointless.

  3. Safari is 10 times faster
    I have just completed the CSS test
    ( You just have to download and open the file in all the browsers).
    After repeating the test several times, here is the average.

    ( All the tests are done on Windows XP SP2)
    IE 6 : 730 ms
    Firefox: 680 ms
    Safari : 65 ms

    Safari is 10 times faster than IE and Firefox on CSS Test.


  4. iScott…

    Your views are certainly narrow. I have and use Firefox and Safari, and 99% of the time prefer the latter. In fact, in a discussion I just had with our web development team, every single one of them prefer Safari. Firefox is OK, but the hodge-podge of bolt-ons you have to install to have comparable functionality, the extremely S-L-O-W launch times, and the absolutely hideous UI make Firefox an “only when I have to browser”

    I do care about my browser quite a bit, and have used them all. My preference is Safari, yours is clearly Firefox. That’s cool, choice is a good thing. However, it is irresponsible to make broad-generalizations like that.

    Only time will tell.

  5. All this crap talk about market share is baloney. Perception my friends.

    A buddy of mine in Iran downloaded it pretty much about the same time I did and he’s pretty stoked.

    The emotional hit on MS is worth far more than whether Safari will ever replace IE or FireFox.

  6. It’s another step in showing people that there’s another way to compute than just Windows. Think about it – people get an iPhone and use Safari on iPhone. They ask, “Why can’t I have Safari on my desktop?”, but they’re not ready to switch to the Mac yet. They get Safari, and keep wondering why they put up with Windows, IE, etc. They’re one more step toward becoming a Mac user.

  7. Downloaded Safari 3 Windows beta and it certainly does fly. Each of my favorite sites was noticeably faster at loading pages under Safari than IE7. And it’s still just a beta. Thank you, Apple, for offering Windows users (and those of us Mac fans who have to use Windows) an alternative to the status quo!

  8. I use Firefox on my MacBook. I like the fact that it has an ad banner blocker… that’s the main reason I use it over Safari. If they added that to Safari, I’d be all in. And with UNO, Firefox looks great… : )

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