Apple’s official list of iPhone specs and requirements

“Apple’s iPhone is coming on June 29th, and surprisingly few details have been leaked about the phone itself, beyond the original specs described in January,” Mac Rumors reports.

Mac Rumors reports that they’ve obtained the official list of specs that Apple lists for the upcoming device.

Most of the specs are no surprise, but the list does show that the iPhone has an accessible SIM tray.

Full list here.


  1. They say no GPS.
    A good idea would be to make GPS part of the Car integration Bluetooth Kit. That way the phone battery is not drained with the voice directions and all. Who needs GPS at walking distance – Come on people…

  2. All GSM devices sold by Cingular/ATT have SIMs, so the fact that the iPhone has a SIM slot/tray isn’t news…

    MDN Word: plans – Who knows what Apple really plans for the iPhone? Certainly not a rumor site. We’ll know when Apple tells us.

  3. “• External Controls
    – Volume Up / Down
    – Ringer / Silent
    – Power / Lock
    – Sleep / Wake
    – Menu Button”

    why does it need a lock button? have they not seen the onscreen lock?

  4. Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    My T-shirt pocket is 4″ wide and 5″ deep. You couldn’t see one if it was in my T-shirt pocket.

    You’d want one on a belt attachment so muggers could see it anyway.

  5. The SIM tray issue has always been bogus. In the keynote address where Steve describes iPhone, he points out the SIM tray. Believe me, if that spec had changed, Apple would have edited that part out of the vids posted on their web site.

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