RUMOR: No external SIM slot, no iChat for initial iPhone release

Apple forthcoming iPhone “will not appear on your desktop as a removable drive,” Joshua Karp reports for The Boy Genius Report.

“There will not be an external SIM slot, contrary to the announcement at MacWorld,” Karp reports.

“iChat will not be included in the initial operating system,” Karp reports. “Safari for iPhone features tabbed browsing.”

More iPhone details dished in the full article here.


  1. 1. I wouldn’t expect to use it as a drive
    2. Who the heck is Karp to contradict what was said at Macworld? Also, who cares if the sim is not external?
    3. I don’t care if iChat is not included in the initial release, it’s easily added via software update.
    4. Tabbed browsing is great, I already expected that.

    Who is this guy and why should anyone think he has credibility?

  2. It would be great if the iChat feature did get on the iPhone. So many people in Europe aren’t on AIM that this might wake them up to it. Or perhaps even .Mac will be revamped getting a decent majority on that would be helpful!

  3. And more disappointments to come I’m sure.

    Let’s face it folks, the iPhone really doesn’t have anything that’s most people already have imlented with other devices or use better devices for.

    The lust factor is high, just the cost and practical features are rather low at this point.

  4. Even if all of this were true, what does it take away from the user who wants to buy an iPhone and intends to use it normally without trying to hack the crap out of it?

    It may be just good as it is with the software which comes with it.

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