Apple CEO Steve Jobs hints that .Mac is about to undergo big overhaul

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)“In a highly anticipated meeting of the two computer industry titans at an annual technology conference run by the Wall Street Journal, [Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates shared the stage],” Scott Hillis reports for Reuters.

“Anyone hoping for a bruising showdown between the computer industry’s richest executive and one many regard as its coolest would have been disappointed,” Hillis reports. “Jobs, 52, and Gates, 51, reminisced about the industry and old partnerships. The tone was jovial, even sentimental, but Jobs did get in a few good-natured digs.”

“Jobs did offer two tidbits about upcoming Apple products. He hinted that ‘.mac’ — the company’s package of online services like e-mail and Web storage for Mac users — is about to undergo a big overhaul,” Hillis reports. “After a questioner suggested .mac had failed to live up to lofty expectations, Jobs said: ‘I couldn’t agree with you more. We’ll make up for lost time in the near future.'”

Hillis reports, “Jobs also enthused about the map software Apple created for its iPhone, which is scheduled to hit the market later this month.”

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  1. I certainly hope that .Mac gets upgraded. I do not use the .mac mail and saving my Now Up to Date calendar on there fails regularly, I am starting to wonder if it is really worth it. I just use it for my website but there are definitely alternatives for that.

  2. .Mac is convenient and useful but WAY overpriced. The Backup feature too is a decent tool but the other services offered through .Mac are really also rans.
    For unsophisticated users, avoiding the use of FTP or other tools in a mac network .Mac and the iDisk work very well…But 2 gigs of storage total? and that’s the UPGRADED version?
    Yup…an upgrade is overdue.

  3. I have to (mostly) agree with pr … the various basic tools in .Mac are “also-rans” that work well enough but cost more than their market value. Then again, where I don’t agree, the package ends up worth the cost. Why? How? The “added bonuses” that show up about every quarter or so. My pod cast would not be nearly as “professional” sounding without the royalty-free sounds they provided, for example. And the Backup program is also worth a year’s cost. Just two stand-out “free benefits”. The iTunes and iChat linkages are also useful. The rest is “just good enough” … now it will be getting better. Finally!

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast

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