Horde of brain-eating zombies invade San Fran Apple store

Apple Store“A horde of decaying zombies invaded San Francisco’s downtown Apple store on Friday evening, hunting for brains, terrifying the customers, and gnawing on iMacs,” Declan McCullagh blogs for CNET.

“I’ve placed some photos here. I’m pleased to report that the zombies ultimately decided human brains were tastier than plastic iMacs, although it wasn’t for lack of effort in trying to vary what must be a monotonous diet,” McCullagh reports.

“The event was titled “SF Zombie Mob 2007,” and it was organized by the gruesome-minded folks at eatbrains.com. It’s akin to a flash mob, though because the participants trek around the city after gathering, the Zombie Mob was closer in concept to the Critical Mass bicycle ride, which coincidentally was happening at the same time along the same street,” McCullagh reports.

“It may be worth noting that the Westfield Mall and Disney security tried to bar the zombies from entering, but Apple store security did not. In fact, salespeople were jostling one another for a position where they could take the best photo of the zombies (or themselves with the zombies, or their brains being eaten by the zombies),” McCullagh reports.

Full article, with photo of zombie gnawing on iMac, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Everyone’s switching!


  1. Apple once again proves it cares for those with disabilities.
    The dead are a huge, untapped market. Apple really wins here, especially compared to online-only sellers like Dell. I’ll wager it’s difficult to get internet access in most graveyards, so brick-and-mortar retail stores are the only way most dead can acquire computers, software, external drives, and internal organs.

    “Hi, I’m a Mac”

    “And I’m a PC”


    And just think of it, in less than 28 days, the iPhone will be out.


  2.  “A horde of decaying zombies invaded San Francisco’s downtown Apple store on Friday evening, hunting for brains

    What? They didn’t invade Best Buy to gnaw on Vista PC’s?

    Pity they didn’t take some Zunes back to the underworld with them.

    Yes, it is something when even the undead see the light. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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