UBS: Apple Mac demand ‘solid,’ iPhone on track for late-June launch

Apple StorePC Demand appears to be seasonally normal according to a note to clients for UBS Investment Research analyst Ben A. Reitzes. Vista appears to be having a minimal impact on demand and as consumers delay purchases ahead of back-to-school promotions, Reitzes notes. “We continue to notice some consumers need time to evaluate and test Vista, with some hesitant due to integration issues with non-Microsoft applications.”

Barrrons reports on Reitzes’ note, “Checks for HP and Apple continue to be solid, with H-P benefiting from a dominant retail position and Apple from compelling notebooks. Our checks continue to indicate steady but seasonally slower demand for [Apple] iPods with new products later driving improvement into the holidays. In terms of the iPhone, the product is on track for a late-June launch in the U.S. with a European launch expected in calendar fourth-quarter 2007 and an Asian launch in 2008, despite some concerns.”

Full article here.


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