UBS: Apple Mac demand ‘solid,’ iPhone on track for late-June launch

Apple StorePC Demand appears to be seasonally normal according to a note to clients for UBS Investment Research analyst Ben A. Reitzes. Vista appears to be having a minimal impact on demand and as consumers delay purchases ahead of back-to-school promotions, Reitzes notes. “We continue to notice some consumers need time to evaluate and test Vista, with some hesitant due to integration issues with non-Microsoft applications.”

Barrrons reports on Reitzes’ note, “Checks for HP and Apple continue to be solid, with H-P benefiting from a dominant retail position and Apple from compelling notebooks. Our checks continue to indicate steady but seasonally slower demand for [Apple] iPods with new products later driving improvement into the holidays. In terms of the iPhone, the product is on track for a late-June launch in the U.S. with a European launch expected in calendar fourth-quarter 2007 and an Asian launch in 2008, despite some concerns.”

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  2. I just got back from the Cingular/ AT&T Store.. signed up my whole family, mom, dad, brother, myself.. all getting iPhones.

    There is a 100 person waiting list at that ONE store. Twenty of the 100 are new “activation” customers who are getting priority. So there is most definitely a wait list already in progress.

    If you want an iPhone get in line now.

    For 4 phones we are going to be paying a little bit over 300 a month, including 40 per phone for data (unlimited data and 1500 messages/mo per phone). The 3000 minute plan was 149 for 2 phones, and 10 per month for each additional for the other 2, and 17 per month for all four phones to have “unlimited minutes from 7pm to 7am” rather than starting at 9pm.

    They gave us freebee loaner phones for the month we’ll be waiting for the iPhone to come out, we had to pay taxes on those 4 and will have to pay taxes again on the iPhones.

    The store rep said most of the people coming in and on the wait list were Mac users.

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