$1564 Optimus Maximus LED keyboard enters pre-order phase

“Russian design studio Art Lebedev opened its online store for pre-orders of the Optimus Maximus LED keyboard. The first shipment of 200 keyboards was sold within one day, despite the keyboard’s hefty price tag of $1564.37,” Wolfgang Gruener reports for TG Daily.

“According to a note posted on Art Lebedev’s website, the first 200 buyers will be receiving their keyboard in early January. The next 200 keyboards will ship after December 20, with another 400 becoming available in early January,” Gruener reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lurker_PC” for the heads up.]


  1. “How many starving Africans could $1564 feed, for fscks sake.”

    Uh, when did it become my responsibility to feed starving Africans. If all races are equally smart, as the pc police always tell us, then they can damn well figure out a way to feed themselves.

  2. I think the possibilities for ease of use with this keyboard — or training in new apps — are incredible. But I agree the price point seems way out of line. But at $300-$400, I’d probably snap it up just for Photoshop use alone! At a decent hourly billing rate, it’d pay for itself in a matter of weeks!

  3. If it was a Commodore Amiga A1200 of new loaded with the latest and greatest AOS running on PA Semi’s PWRficient CPU I’d certainly buy 3 of these. I am definitely not paying $1500 dollars for some eye candy driven keyboard!

  4. That is the most retarted pricing on a keyboard. Firstly, the colors are all wrong…and the design sucks and looks like a Microsoft keyboard, and is no where as close to an Apple design. Imagine how many children you can feed in third world countries with $1564. Insane. I would give the money to charity than this piece of crap.

  5. That’s WHACK:
    My prediction: 7 units sold, then a markdown to $1132.49. Then 13 units sold. Then a markdown to $992.18. Then 25 units sold. Then a markdown to $599.25. Then 41 units sold. Then a markdown to $375.15. Then 42 units sold. Then . . .

    Out of business.

    Actually, if you would have read the story (not even the full article, mind you, but even just the bit that MDN has posted), you would know that they have sold all of their first-run production of 200 units, via pre-order.

    MW: Didn’t. You didn’t pay attention to the words in front of you.

  6. This keyboard looks fantastic!

    Most folks here don’t get it. The image on each KEY can be changed to suit the application. Hit the key with the Photoshop or VectorWorks or Call of Duty key and each SEPARATE KEY can change to suit the task.

    Yeah, $1500 is STEEP, but what an amazing concept!

    KA: Those look great. I had something similar stuck to my old Apple Aircraft Carrier keyboard. I’d LOVE to find a set of those things for a QWERTY or DVORAK keyboard, but alas, these are for a French keyboard layout.

    I’ve been in Paris this past week and was trying to use a French keyboard with an XP box … ask me which was worse! Thank the Gods I finally got the password to my friend’s wireless network!

  7. If African Countries take up the GM crop, they will only be able to achieve a single harvest

    If African Countries take up the GM crop, they’ll also be able to significantly improve their yields, increasing the number of people each acre of farmland can feed.

    Then they have to buy weed killer which will not target the GM plants, but all other plants being killed will deny pollen and nector to bees, butterflies, ants and birds like the Humming bird that feeds solely on nector, because when the harvest is done, the soil will be left barren, when weeds would come into their own.

    Good grief, this is almost beyond comment.

    So IOW, you’re claiming that starving countries are supposed to let weeds choke out their food crops in the name of saving bugs. I see.

    Keep chasing your GM boogeyman. The sane world has too many real mouths to feed.

  8. Black keyboards aren’t that bad, they don’t show the dirt.

    But $1500 for one? Ack. Then again, in a world of six-figure cars and million-dollar studio apartments, people will buy anything.

  9. I would buy this keyboard for 999€. The idea is perfect especially when you have to use different languages to and change the keyboard layout. I need this but I have to wait that they get their production fully going and the price comes down. This can be the best keyboard ever and Apple should implement the idea to all of it´s computers.

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