$1564 Optimus Maximus LED keyboard enters pre-order phase

“Russian design studio Art Lebedev opened its online store for pre-orders of the Optimus Maximus LED keyboard. The first shipment of 200 keyboards was sold within one day, despite the keyboard’s hefty price tag of $1564.37,” Wolfgang Gruener reports for TG Daily.

“According to a note posted on Art Lebedev’s website, the first 200 buyers will be receiving their keyboard in early January. The next 200 keyboards will ship after December 20, with another 400 becoming available in early January,” Gruener reports.

MacDailyNews Linkhere.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lurker_PC” for the heads up.]


  1. Damn kids – why don’t you figure out what the keyboard does before you say things like “my macbookpro has a lightup keyboard and a computer too…”

    It seems like 19 out of 20 of the posters so far – maybe even worse than that – don’t have a clue what this thing does.

    Here’s the thing –
    If you switch to dvorak – all the key images switch too
    If you switch to russian – all the key images switch too
    If you switch to japanese – all the key images switch too
    If you are running photoshop and hit the command key – all the key images display an icon represnting what that shortcut does
    If you are playing world of warcraft – all the keys display images for the commands that those keys do in world of warcraft.

    And, you don’t have to tell it that you switched to world of warcraft from photoshop – it knows by itself.

    Also cool, but not as vital – you can run “keysavers” – like screensavers when you are away from your computer.

    Anytime you have shift or option or caps or command pressed the keys all change their image.

    The thing is pretty fscking cool –
    I wouldn’t pay $1400 for it, but I would pay $200 or $300.

  2. @ Blame Canada: Whos Blaming Canada? I only stated a case where innocent farmers were thumped by a powerful company for a situation out of the farmers control and knowledge for that matter.

    It was only recently (Late last year) that EU banned rice from the US because it had been contaminated with GM rice but the US government did not declare it until random tests revealed it.

    Will you slap me with one of your labels just because of what actually happened?

    Do you work for Monsanto?

    Why your reaction?

  3. The only people that might be “getting it” are those extremely few individuals that also might pay cash for a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce. For the rest of us, it’s ridiculously overpriced.

    Give it two years though; it’ll be $49.95 and made in China instead, (or the design ripped off at least).

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