Apple Investor News debuts – news portal for Apple financial news

Apple StoreApple Investor News goes live today. The site is a standalone web site devoted solely to the financial and stock news of a single company.

Apple Investor News is an always-updating investment news portal covering Apple, Inc. financial and AAPL stock news. The site aggregates headlines from hundreds of sources worldwide, then uses filters to sort those headlines into 20 sub-topic categories.

“Our categorized news results are designed to be more focused and useful than the collated single-list search results of typical news or search sites,” Frank Cioffi, editor and publisher, said in the press release. “Our editing process, which we call Intelligent News Search, provides the high level of specificity and topic relevance that enthusiast audiences expect from our everything-is-tagged world.”’s news search categories include Apple Analysts, Apple Rumors + Insider News, Apple iPod + iPhone, Apple Mac Computers, Steve Jobs, Apple Stores, Apple vs. Microsoft, Apple Business Podcasts, Apple Business Videos and 11 other news categories. Each category’s headlines are shown in descending time order and updated every 15 minutes. A 90-day headline archive is maintained for reference and to show news trends.

The news site is the first in a series of single-topic Intelligent News Search portals from Medialink Web Ventures, based in Marin County, California. The site is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

“We choose Apple for our first niche news portal because of the huge volume of financial-related news on the company,” says Cioffi. “We knew if we could effectively search and categorize this newsflow, the results could provide value to the Apple investment community or anyone interested in Apple, Inc.”

Check it out here:


  1. @ C1 I just had a cursory glance at that link, It will give you a buzz! a double D BUZZ!! if you get my drift…

    There is an article by a one time Apple sceptic who thinks that Apple TV will give Cisco & Motorola a serious run for their money when the new ruling on open architecture comes into force in July in relation to set top boxes

    At the end of it, it is sad to see that he is still of the view that the stock price rationg is $100 when in real terms it is $111.98 taking into account that this is an old article.

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