Apple ought to send Microsoft flowers and nice ‘Thank You’ note for Windows Vista

Apple Store“The tech company that really seems to be enjoying Microsoft’s new operating system is Apple,” Justin Lahart reports for The Wall Street Journal.

Lahart reports, “The Cupertino, Calif., computer maker has used Microsoft’s Vista, introduced in November for businesses and January for consumers, as an opportunity to make hay over the self-proclaimed superiority of the operating system in its own Macs. Microsoft doesn’t agree with that message, noting it has shipped 40 million copies of Vista for consumers. Still, Apple has the hotter hand. Mac sales were up 35% in the first quarter versus a year earlier. PC sales were up by 9%, according to research firm Gartner — a bit better than the prior two quarters, but below the average rate of the past three years.”

“‘Somebody in Cupertino ought to send flowers to Redmond and a nice ‘Thank You’ note,’ hedge-fund manager Jeff Matthews noted in his blog,” Lahart reports.

Lahart reports, “Consumers have been forced to buy Vista, because many computer makers no longer make consumer PCs configured for its predecessor, Windows XP. But FTN Midwest Research analyst Bill Fearnley Jr. reported that many computer sellers are now selling consumers business PCs that run XP.”

Lahart reports, “The hope, on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, is that later this year Vista will start spurring sales. Given companies’ slow and steady purchase plans and consumers’ apparent lack of enthusiasm, that’s a pipe dream, says Pip Coburn of Coburn Ventures. ‘There are people who are disappointed now, and there are people who are going to be more disappointed,’ he says.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. @ en

    We all know that that En does not know what he’s talking about. PCs are configured to run an Operating system. Actually, new PCs will run OSX just fine (in many cases better than a real Mac) it’s just that Apple does not want to let you and adds a chip to all Macs for OSX to verify that it’s real.

    OSX 10.4.8 runs just fine on my Home Built PC, thanks to the OSX86 project.

  2. This repeated and constant comparison of Apple to Microsoft only distracts Apple fanbois from the obvious problem that Apple has dropped the ball in OS development (i.e. Leopard delays). Well, I suppose that the truth will be known later this year. I hope that the wait will be worth the hype.

    hahahahaaa!! BWAAA-hahahahahaaaaaa! (gasp) AAHHHH-HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!
    OH! that’s rich!! hee-hee!! yeah, get this…
    “Nanny-nanny, boo-boo… your OS was delayed too!!” Hah-HAAA!! oh, yeah… let’s compare delays. that’ll hurt Mac users feelings! HAAAA!!
    and another one… Apple has dropped the ball in OS development… and what… Vista wasnt even on store shelves before there were exploits and malware for it?! HA-HAAAA!!
    this is some seriously laughable, funny stuff! this is the best they can do, now? they’re even admitting that Vista is crap and still trying to insult Apple in the process! the only legit ammo they actually have left is (in a whimpy, whiny voice) “But… but we’ve got more market share!” as if market share is a sign of build quality! that was the saddest attempt at flamebait i’ve seen in months… so sad it’s just funny!

  3. Microsoft’s coin is really tarnished for the first time ever.

    Their stuff was always rubbish, but the point was that the public didn’t know that. But they know now.

    When NeXT brought out its revolutionary advance, it’s “objected oriented cake” running on a solid Unix underpinning Microsoft just said it had amazing things coming in the pipeline although it actually had nothing, and gullible journalists simply swallowed the story whole. And the general public was probably blissfully unaware anyway.

    Here is Steve Jobs demonstrating NeXT–a must-see:

    Now reflect that this amazing space-age product was around back when Microsoft had Windows 3.1. This is what Tim Berners Lee wrote his browser for the worldwide web on.

    Microsoft had nothing to compete. They said they had something called “Cairo”. Here’s the story:

    Microsoft always produced rubbish, and they always acted fraudulently. But the point is that now the average person is beginning to realize that. They resent putting up with the rubbish, and they resent being lied to and manipulated. They’ve seen the court cases, and noted who said what. They’ve begun to resent being gamed on file formats. They don’t want to be tied up with DRM (which is rife in Vista at really low level). And they’re fed up with being infected over years with malware, because Microsoft left all the doors open, because it really didn’t give a damn.

    Bill Joy once said: “I find Windows of absolutely no technical interest. They took systems designed for isolated desktop systems and put them on the Net without thinking about evildoers …” And, of course, that is exactly what they did do.

    People were queuing round the block to get Windows 95. It’s never going to happen again. I recall when Vista was launched that the BBC had some cooing little articles. The BBC may have some–shall we say “interesting”?–connections with Microsoft. It’s viewers haven’t. The BBC opened a talkback noticeboard where viewers could tell them how mcuh they were looking forward to Vista. Well, they weren’t. Not a glad new morning as with 95 again. They were bitter, angry, contemptuous, and derisive. I hardly saw a single even indifferent comment let alone a positive one, and the most negative ones were garnering the highest scores among other posters.

    Yep, the public is now onto Microsoft, and knows all about the quality of its products.

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