Gartner: Apple Mac #1 in Q1 07 West European education market share

Apple Store“Apple retains its number one postion on the West European education market, according to the latest market share figures from Gartner,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“The company once again took first place in Western Europe in the first-quarter, grabbing 17.3 per ent of the education market (all CPUs including servers) and 18.4 percent share in the combined desktop and notebook markets,” Evans reports.

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  1. Mac share in the education market is firmly in the double digits, both North American and Western European.

    Consumer market share in North America is even higher.

    Overall double digit share isn’t far behind. There are just too many people using, and liking, the Mac to hold back the masses from switching.

  2. I take it these figures include schools and universities. If so, are the private computers of the students counted or only those bought by the university?

    It would be helpful to see a run down of these figures

  3. Gregg Thurman,

    right you are!

    I believe a watershed has been reached and Apple’s share of the computer market isn’t just going to increase peu à peu over the next years, it’ll be an exponential gush – maybe even tsunami-like in it’s proportions.
    Let’s hope so!

  4. I love my Macs and my AAPL shares as much as the next guy (having bought in at $17 and again at $65). But…does the phrase “irrational exuberance” mean anything to anyone? Surely the positive expectations and enthusiasm for iPhone are pretty much built into the share price by now. How much does iPhone need to exceed expectations in order to justify $120, $150?
    Don’t get me wrong…I’m not selling! Just not buying either.

    MDN Word “head”.. as in trying to use mine in investment decisions

  5. Apple’s Consumer market share in North America is even higher.

    Er, if those figures were remotely possible to track~~

    Where is your supporting evidence? Starbucks marketshare doesn’t count.

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