Apple iPhone release will be watershed; will change pretty much everything in mobile industry

“Ever since my January keynote on handset design at the big annual 3G event in Tokyo I’ve mentioned the iPhone in every public presentation. And almost every time I’ve made the point that June 2007 marks a watershed moment in time. Much like the Western calendar marks time from before and after Jesus Christ, and how the computer world changed totally by the Macintosh – remembering that Windows is Microsoft’s copy of the Mac operating system – I am certain that the mobile telecoms world will count its time in two Eras. The Era BI: time Before the iPhone, and the ERA AI: time After the iPhone,” Tomi T. Ahonen blogs for Communities Dominate Brands.

“What will change? Pretty much everything,” Ahonen writes.

“Lets start with the obvious. From June all handset makers will get their first tests of the iPhone. Then Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, SonyEricsson, LG, and the dozens of second and third tier manufacturers will all see what they are up against. Not the outwardly form factor – yes, the iPhone is cool and slick and sexy – but the more important internal software. How do they make it so user-friendly? This is Apple’s strong suit. More so than even stunning outwardly design, is the internal software on user interface. The iPhone for most of its parts will definitely be the best phone out there. Yes, it probably will not be perfect at all, not the very first version (although it might be that too) but certainly in most major features, making calls, listening to voice mail, sending and receiving most messages, accessing the web, consuming music and videos – the iPhone will be supreme,” Ahonen writes.

“So from June all reviewers around the world will compare all new high-end phones with the iPhone. How near do they arrive in being ‘almost as good as the iPhone.’ This is the phrase we will see in most reviews of smartphones. And the yardstick in usability will from now on – and my prediction is that for the fore-seeable future of mobile phones – the latest iPhone. A clear watershed moment in the industry. For the first time a major handset device which was designed from the start to be both a multipurpose smartphone and yet easy to use,” Ahonen writes.

Full article, with much, much more – very highly recommended – here.


  1. I like what he had to say about the iPhone, but I’m discouraged by what he said about the mobile market. The fact that messaging is an 80 billion dollar a year business for example, shows that the phone companies are ripping off their customers. No matter how easy it is to do, I don’t want to pay between $20 and $75 on top of the $60 per month for 900 minutes just to use it. Any plan that costs over $100 per month is the price of an iPhone in less than six months.

    Let’s hope AT&T gets their pricing right, and soon.

  2. I have to say that I was at an IBM websphere portal training course last week and the instructor made a point several times to mention that “We all know iPhone is coming and WAS Portal makes it easy for you to get your data onto devices such as the iPhone”. It was most unexpected given the circumstances. Just thought I’d share. iPhone is already everywhere….even where you’d least expect it.

  3. From Please stop the hype:
    “mobile internet is really revolutionary in North America. Countries like Japan have had it for years and its integration with transit payment, SMS, maps, shops, etc, etc, is amazing”

    Why have the local service providers kept us from having these same features?
    Why did it take  to get us these great things? Now all of a sudden MOTO is going to give us real internet browsing.

    Screw those other guys,  is going to force there hands and I’m buying .

    Most of the people here and in the country have had cell phones for years and now we will get what we want as far as service goes.
    What the F took all the others so long.

  4. my verizon phone is so hobbled by the mothership that sometimes i feel like James Caan stuck in the house with Kathy Bates and she’s just chocked and blocked my ankles. oh NO! here she comes with that big wooden mallet!!! She’s about to not let me use my own sounds as RINGTONES!!! Gaaaah!

    MW = sound

  5. Crab crab crab Gee people can we just chill on spelling???

    I find you guys quite intelligent, Unlike most people I meet these days.

    Really I Do :> I have a Hiptop which is ok But will get a iphone,

    Thanks Mr Apple Again,
    Hope samsung, Motorola etc get a Kick in ars from this.

  6. Yep. The writer is a Finnish Guy.
    Only 42% of American cellphone owner used SMS?! Wow. Americans are so far behind everything . It is good that they have at least Apple to save them from the dark ages. SMS was invented here in Finland over 20 years ago. Everybody uses it. You can even control your house by sending an SMS, or buy a Pepsi or Coke from the vending machine by sendins an SMS. You can pay bus ride by sending an SMS. List is endless and yes you can even pay meal with it in the McDonald´s

  7. Right after the dawn of man there were introductions like toilet paper and dental floss, then there were 40-hour weeks, drug cartels and absentee parents …then Bill lost his principles, the politically correct world started everyone walking on eggshells and now I will soon have an intelligent iPhone …yeah, life has been spellbinding …then I will text a thank you to the makers of toilet paper and dental floss and watch Ballmer dance on my iPhone from his most delicious company, Apple. Oh, yeah and lay waste to my every eggshell. Life is good.

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