Preview build of Firefox with Mac OS X-native controls released

Apple Store“Mozilla developer Josh Aas has released a preview build of Firefox that’s equipped with native Mac OS X form controls,” Macworld UK reports.

“The experimental build is currently only available for Intel-based Macs, though a PowerPC version is promised,” Macworld UK reports.

“The developer wants to enable native form controls in the trunk builds of Firefox within the next few weeks, meaning that they should make it into Firefox 3,” Macworld UK reports.

Full article, with link, here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s nice to see one of Firefox’s big minuses on Mac OS X finally addressed.


  1. Firefox is better than Safari and will continue to be the preferred choice for MOST people until Apple realizes that they need to open up plugin (or extension) type architecture for Safari. Speedwise, they’re both neck and neck depending on the pages you’re loading. Safari has the edge in being a native Cocoa app, but Firefox has the edge in pure versatility, and in the end, once Firefox adopts things like cocoa widgets and keychain integration, what reason would anyone have to use Safari?

    Open up Safari or in the years to come it will go the way IE is going now.

  2. I just use Camino. Same Gecko engine. It may not have all the Firefox features, but for typical web browsing on a Mac, I like it best. AND it’s built using Cocoa, which is about as Mac-native as you can get.

    > Open up Safari or in the years to come it will go the way IE is going now.

    I thought it was already open. It’s called Webkit. Check it out…

    Shiira 2.0 uses the same code base. I think OmniWeb does too.

  3. There is no reason to upgrade a computer that, if well taken care of, still works up to your standards.

    So you have a 3 year old Powerbook? Great – continue to use it. They are great machines, and should last you many more years if you are happy with it now.

    If you love your Mac, then love your Mac. Don’t get caught up in this “hyper-consumerism” garbage.

    My 2 cents.

  4. I’m not too worried about being marginalized. I own a DP 1 GHz MDD PowerMac G4 circa 2002 that is now running 10.4.9. I’ve got a gig and a half of RAM and four HDs in it.

    Apple has said that even my G4 will be able to run Leopard. I also own a Core Duo MacBook from last May. I expect to buy the family pack in order to put Leopard on both machines when it releases.

    The fact that some developers are developing first for Intel doesn’t surprise me. I expect it, as a matter of fact.

    I DO expect to need to move to something new in two years, tho. I expect that getting six years on my Macs is not bad, tho I got seven on the one before the G4…

  5. Seriously, you whiners amaze me sometimes. I am a dedicated mac user but it’s just silly to bitch about the forms drop downs not being “pretty” like they are in safari.. do they work? YEP so for the love.. If anything I would like to see it utilize they keychain.. now THAT would actually be useful!

    MW: ever, as in if I ever get this whiny please shoot me!!

  6. Apple updates Safari way too often… NOOoooT.

    I hope the Safari 3 will kick ass in terms of innovative functionality. Safari is like Ford Mondeo – good basic thing and nothing special. But damnit is clean and simple.

    FX takes ages to launch.

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