Hiddens gems buried in Apple’s Mac OS X

Apple StoreThere are “treasures buried in Mac OS X; a lot of small but important applications that most users seldom touch or may not know are there for the taking,” Garry Barker reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Joel Gladman, of Apple dealer NextByte, took his shovel to the electronic sandhill last week at a joint multimedia meeting of iMUG and AUSOM, Melbourne’s two Macintosh clubs, to reveal what he said was a treasure trove of almost 30 applications buried in the operating system,” Barker reports.

Barker reports, “We are not talking about the applications bundled with each Mac, such as iPhoto and iMovie. That’s in the obvious and big treasure chest.”

“We’re talking about the many less well-known but still useful applications, many of them hidden in the Utilities folder in the Finder,” Barker reports.

Full article here.


  1. Well, that was a worthless piece of crap article with only 3-4 free apps that come with the OS mentioned. WTF?!?!??!

    My favorite free utility is “Dropcopy”. This little gem allows you to send files between two or more Macs without having to mount one on your desktop. It manages the networking for you. It is dropdead simple to use and setup. It’s how I keep my Powerbook and desktop in sync (until Leopard brings a better syncing utility, I hope).

  2. TextEdit, an often overlooked mini word processor that can do more that MacWrite, read and write simple Word docs, pops up faster than the old classic Note Pad, and accounts for 90% of my typing. (not counting that little box at the bottom of each MDN article) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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