Bill Gates predicts Apple iPhone four months after it was unveiled by Steve Jobs

Apple Store“Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates says PCs will get smaller and phones will get bigger at the 11th annual CEO Summit. Speaking to more than 100 CEOs from Fortune 1000 companies, Gates touted convergence and also had his employees demo the upcoming Microsoft Communications Server and Communicator applications. He also did the unthinkable and mentioned the iPod by name,” Humphrey Cheung reports for TG Daily.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, it’s hardly “unthinkable,” Gates has talked about iPod before. Please see related article: Bill Gates’ sarcasm regarding Apple iPod: ‘Oh, wow, I don’t think we can do that’ – September 07, 2004. Bill Gates is an insecure little dweeb who should concentrate on retirement and letting his wife donate his ill-gotten gains to various causes. Someday, historians will put Gates into proper context for the masses: the ruthless nerd for whom mediocrity was “good enough,” who thought business ethics were optional, and who plunged the world into the Dark Ages of Personal Computing. That history will be written on a Macintosh. And even Gates knows it.

Cheung continues, “Gates praised shrinking computer and gadget form factors giving the nod to Apple’s iPod a few minutes into his speech. He also touted bigger and more power mobile and desktop phones that have still photo and motion video capture features. Gates believes that computers will eventually meet up with the mobile phone, saying, ‘The phone will move up… and pcs will move down.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Gates is quite the genius prognosticator after Steve Jobs has shown the world the iPhone. To those inclined to get reverential and confer genius status based upon bank account size: Bill Gates is a sham. He fooled many, but he could never seem to fool that pesky top 5%.

Cheung’s full article here.


  1. The iPhone may be a desktop replacement for the strictly “internet and email” computer users, but for those who actually use their computers for real work, the iPhone isn’t gonna cut it.

  2. MDN,

    I agree with all your takes.

    Bill Gate’s wealth is an historical accident. He found himself in the right place at the right time – but he was the wrong person.

    He has never said or produced anything original, and history will judge him harshly.

  3. Give Gates a break – he managed to acquire technology and trick corporate giants like IBM into using it and making him a lot of money.

    That’s not innovating but it is certainly amazing how he got where he did.

  4. Yep. Amazing.

    And it’s amazing how so many German’s in the ’30’s could be duped by a dweeby little nerd who had been picked on in school and, with a big chip on his shoulder, tried to take over the world.

    Little difference ‘tween the two, if you ask me….

  5. “Bill Gates is a sham. He fooled many, but he could never seem to fool that pesky top 5%.”

    Nice one MDN. That’s a keeper!

    Its certainly true that Gates, and thus Micrapsoft, has almost always been behind the curve. With bad design. And bad taste.

  6. Gates, the rocket is waiting for you. Just take Ballmer and pres ctrl+alt+dell. F1 F1 F1. “The system has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down”. Error wmp32.dll. And so on …

  7. If you think there’s only a “little difference” between the M$ head nerd and Hitler you really need to get out and see the world, in all its beauty as well as its cruelty and brutality. Either that, or you’re an utter moron. You pick.

  8. What all these pundits fail to mention is that MSDOS which was the start of the Microsoft empire was not Gates’ idea to begin with. By dumb luck he essentially “stole” it from the original programmer and sold it to IBM. That was the start of it all. Not genius, just as you say ,”optional business ethics”.

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