Lower ‘euro-prices’ for new MacBook; Brighter display on top model?

Apple’s new updated MacBooks are now less expensive in Italy, setteB.IT reports:

• 2 GHz 80 GB white: 1,049 euros versus 1.119 euros
• 2.16 GHz 120 GB white/black: 1,249 euros versus 1.319 euros
• 2.16 GHz 160 GB white/black: 1,449 euros versus 1.519 euros

An interesting detail noted by setteB.IT is the updated MacBook’s spec of 250 cd/m2 for the brightness. Apple Italy wrote this technical specification only for the top model.

Previously no details were officially made about the brightness of the MacBook displays.

Full article (Italian): http://www.setteb.it/content/view/2006

Google Italian to English translation here.

“Apple UK has also revealed new prices for the products, with the entry-level model now costing just £699 – £50 cheaper than its previous £749 price,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

Full article here.


  1. Jim,
    You Brits have only yourselves to blame. If the pound was as worthless as the dollar you wouldn’t have that problem. The only way we can afford anything here is because it’s all made in China. But, on the bright side, our thoughtful elected officials will probably end up making another batch of illegal aliens (12 million this time) NOT illegal. What’s that got to do with the price of MacBooks? Not a darn thing.

  2. The US dollar is moving down against numerous currencies (e.g. Euro, English Pound, and Canadian dollar). Heck, even the Israeli *shekel* is moving up against the dollar. So since the Chinese yuan is being held down to maintain their competitive advantage, it makes sense that the European price goes down.

  3. Just did a quick trip around some of the stores (looking to by a MacBook when I go overseas), the prices have come down in Germany, Singapore & here in NZ too – might not get it overseas, with the Ed discount it’s nearly the same price here as in the afore mentioned.

  4. Yes, prices changed in Germany, too. I got my new MacBook three weeks ago & paid about 250 € more than now. Customer Service said that they could only give the money back in the next 14 days after delivery. Now that’s really f***ed up!!!

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